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Chord Tones For Soloing

Hi, I’m Robert Renman. This is where I teach guitar. Blues, rock, jazz, funk, technique, improvisation, theory, beginner, intermediate, advanced – the list is long, because I teach many styles. Are you ready to get started? Perhaps you know me from Yep, that’s me, but this site is different. This website is FOCUSED on teaching guitar. That means – I create the best lessons I can for my members, and the look and feel of this site is clean and non-cluttered. This is where I put my heart and soul into creating high quality lessons. Everything is focused on helping YOU improve as a player.

“Just joined and have my first free lesson.. I really wanted to say thank you for providing this quality of materials to everyone not in your area..  I too have been playing for about 30+ years, though have taken about 15 years of playing for various reasons, I am now getting back  into it…. I am interested in blues, using good classical BB King, Albert King, Eric Clapton and Jimmy and Stevie Vaughan and Buddy Guy as influences but not to completely copying them. I find your lessons to be just show the kinda thought they use to play but yet… don’t directly  copy them…  I am interested in learning more about using jazz and even gypsy jazz thoughts into classic blues structures. I look forward to learning more and more from you.”
Michael Ambrose

What does a Membership get you?

  • a membership will give you at least one lesson per week
  • members-only forum, where members and I share information and knowledge
  • my personal coaching advice – add a video or mp3 on the forum, and I will critique it and provide constructive feedback
  • backing tracks, drum tracks and loops for your looper unit
  • PDFs with notation and tab from lessons and general exercises
  • Guitar Pro files of lessons
  • tips and tricks regarding gear, practicing, studying, learning, composing, improvising, etc
  • a growing library of high quality lessons
  • user-driven lessons – you ask for it, I do my best to deliver it! I want TO HELP YOU play better!

If you would rather buy DVDs or downloads, go to the store page. All lessons in the store are available to members at any time. There are many, many more lesson in the membership are that are not available on DVD or as downloads.

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“Robert Renman. RR. Rolls Royce of teaching. Many sites of internet guitar teaching, but this one is worth it for a big journey. Nice guy who goes straight to where the music is. For a guy like me who works hard on my guitars, after being a keyboard player, it’s really fine to hear for Mr Renman. Perfect HD videos, tabs and a very good sound. Jim Morrison said “I prefer a feast of friends to a big party”. A feast of friends through a RR journey. Thanks Mister Robert.”
Joel Roure

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