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This is a members-only live webinar. You can still participate, because joining is free for the first 3 days.

If you are contacting me regarding a product purchase, then please read the following before you contact me.

  1. Didn’t receive the download yet? Then check your spam folder. When payment is made, an automatic email containing the download link is sent to you. Unfortunately, it’s quite common for these emails to be flagged as spam. So, you may find the email with the link you need in a spam folder in Gmail, Hotmail, etc. Please check there before emailing me.
  2. Can’t open the GPX files? These files are Guitar Pro 6 files, and they are optional. This program is not free, but you don’t need it. I include them as a “bonus” for those who have Guitar Pro. It’s a great program, because it lets you see and hear the notes being played. I use it for all my lessons and many of my students use it too. You can try the demo to see how it works. Go to and download the demo. Just remember the demo version does not let you open my files.
  3. Video playback problems? Download and install the latest version of Quicktime – go to
  4. Using an iPad? Realize you can NOT save directly on the iPad itself. To get the videos on the iPad,  follow these steps:
    1. Download the zip file to your computer.
    2. Open the zip file locate the video files.
    3. Import the videos into iTunes.
    4. Sync the videos onto the iPad.

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