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Nice little jam there.


Posted : April 1, 2020 19:32
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Posted by: @hillbilly_joe

I'm stuck here in Japan guys.  Oh, well, that's life.

Anywhere you go, there you are!  I would be happy to be stuck in Japan.  And stuck here is pretty good, too.  Frankly, I'm jonesing to get back to Amsterdam this time of year.

Posted : April 2, 2020 07:35
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Posted by: @esteban

This is contribution to the 'Desafio de la Cuarentena'.

Hope you like it!!!

Classic, Esteban, and just so smooth!  See you on the MGA quarentine jams, as I am headed down to Deep C Studios today.

Posted : April 2, 2020 07:38
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Whoa, that post broke the forum layout... hm... stay safe!

Posted : April 6, 2020 12:22
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Sorry about that.

Did you get it fixed?

Posted : April 6, 2020 21:01
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No I haven't been able to. This page is broken. I'll edit the database tomorrow. Will have to delete your post. 🙁

Posted : April 6, 2020 23:16
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No problem

Next time I'll do it in 2 parts if it is long.



Posted : April 7, 2020 03:04
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It is not the length that is the problem. It is the formatting.

I would like to ask you to post LINKS to what you want to share, instead copy and pasting the actual text. The nature of the complexity in text and image formatting on the web makes is likely there could more issues like this.

The easy solution is just post a links instead. Hope that makes sense.

Posted : April 7, 2020 10:23
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Posted by: @esteban


This is contribution to the 'Desafio de la Cuarentena'.

Hope you like it!!!

Take care my dear friends...

Esteban, just a reminder to post any recordings in the Recordings & Jams forum. Otherwise it becomes difficult to keep music and open mic talk separate.

Posted : April 7, 2020 10:28
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OK, will do.


Posted : April 7, 2020 16:04
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I think there is one person we can probably all agree is going come out on the other side of this pandemic unscathed! 🤣 

Posted : April 7, 2020 17:49
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@matonanjin Yeah apparently he was smoking Covid19 in 1985


Posted : April 7, 2020 18:42
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Posted by: @wobbly_bob

@matonanjin Yeah apparently he was smoking Covid19 in 1985 

Wayyyy to funny.

Posted : April 7, 2020 19:06
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April 12, 2020 Easter Sunday afternoon Tokyo

1. I wonder how many Japanese have died of the flu this season? I can't find a number for that.
2.. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced on April 11 that it was confirmed that 197 new people were infected with the new coronavirus in Tokyo. From the 8th of this month, the record was updated for the fourth consecutive day, bringing the total number of infected people in Tokyo to 1902.
3. Taiwan Published document sent to WHO at the end of December “Atypical pneumonia in Wuhan”. The U.S. State Department criticized the WHO on Wednesday, saying "it did not provide the international community with an early notification from Taiwan.
4. President Tsai Ing-wen, (of Taiwan) Wednesday that his facebook said, "Taiwan has been excluded from international organizations for many years and has a taste of discrimination and isolation more than anyone. I would like you (Tedross) to come to Taiwan and see how we work to contribute to the international community while receiving discrimination. "
5. In Japan now with the spread of the new coronavirus, 31 doctors across the country were infected by the new coronavirus by 10th of this month, and three of them died. Did CNN cover this?
6. In Tokyo and Shinjuku Ward, the staff who is watching over the city's unique business of keeping children of dual-income families at elementary schools was infected with the new coronavirus, so about 2,400 children who were scheduled to start this week Lunch has been canceled.
7. Today's chart: That's the number of cases yesterday.

Update for Japan

To date, 78 new cases have been reported. As of 4:00 pm on the 12th, the number of cases confirmed in Japan was 7001, including those found by quarantine at airports and those who returned home on charter aircraft, exceeding 7,000.
In addition, the cruise ship has 712 passengers and crew members, bringing the total to 7,713. One new person has died in Hokkaido, and the number of people who died was 133 people infected in Japan and 12 cruise ship passengers, for a total of 145 people.

Among the confirmed cases in Japan:
1902 in Tokyo,
766 in Osaka,
515 in Kanagawa,
424 in Chiba,
378 in Saitama, 378 in
Hyogo, and 376 in
Aichi. 349 people
Fukuoka Prefecture, 347 people ( I posted a few times that Fukuoka will be head and toe with Tokyo, why, well the international airport is there. Also, subway and trains and Shinkansen
Hokkaido 267 people
Kyoto is 181 people (Kyoto now is considered a hot spot )
Gifu Prefecture, 106 people
Ishikawa Prefecture 104 people
Ibaraki Prefecture, 103 people
Fukui Prefecture, 88 people
Gunma Prefecture 79 people ( wow ! )
56 in Hiroshima, 56 in
54 in Kochi,
45 in Miyagi,
42 in Niigata, 42 in
41 in Shizuoka, 41 in
Nara, and 41 in
Toyama 40 people
Yamagata Prefecture, 38 people
Fukushima Prefecture, 38 people
Shiga Prefecture, 38 people
Wakayama Prefecture, 38 people
Tochigi Prefecture 35 people
Yamanashi Prefecture 33 people
Ehime Prefecture 30 people
Nagano Prefecture 28 People
: 27 in Kumamoto,
22 in Aomori,
19 in Yamaguchi,
17 in Mie, 17 in
Miyazaki, and
15 in Akita
There are 15 in Okayama,
14 in Nagasaki,
13 in Saga,
7 in Shimane,
6 in Kagawa,
4 in Kagoshima,
3 in Tokushima, and
1 in Tottori.

In addition, 127 employees and quarantine officers of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and a total of 127 people were confirmed to be infected by airport quarantine, and 14 returned from China by charter aircraft.

8. According to official government reports from other counties, as of 12:00, Apr. 10, 1,554,816 infectious cases and 94,395 deaths were confirmed.

9. The United States on Saturday has passed Italy for the most confirmed covid-19 deaths in the world, with more than 20,000 fatalities, a figure experts have called “an underestimation.”
10. New York’s governor and New York City’s mayor are again feuding, this time over school closings.
11. In the United States, meanwhile, unemployment figures continue to tick higher and could rival those of the Great Depression.
12. Japanese government urges 70% commuter cut in emergency zones, extends nightlife restriction request nationwide. Well, I can see the depression now. Clear as day.
13. 550 sailors aboard USS Theodore Roosevelt have tested positive for coronavirus
14. This looks encouraging : Doctor gambles on clot-busting drug to save virus patients. (anyone here have more info on this
15. A province in northern China is preparing thousands of hospital beds in anticipation of a surge of CCP virus patients—days after lockdown measures were relaxed in epicenter Wuhan, according to internal documents viewed by The Epoch Times.
Heilongjiang, China’s northernmost province, locked down its border city of Suifenhe on April 7, which officials said was an attempt to stem the flow of imported cases from Russia.
16. This isn't good at all: As of Friday, 200 patients have died from the illness in the VA system. That’s an increase of 26 fatalities from Thursday, marking the biggest one day increase the department has seen so far. On March 30, the total death toll was less than 20.
17. For those that want to follow Tokyo , Japan cases:
18. Illinois Health officials reported 1,293 new cases of COVID-19 on Saturday and 81 additional deaths.
19. For those in the Quad Cities: COVID-19: Quad-City cases top 200 Wow! It was just 60 the other day. Got family there. Sad to say my mother is in a care center and now they have patients with the virus. No info on my mother yet.
20. Japan to Pay Companies to Move Production Out of China. That is what every country should be doing.
Japan will devote more than $2.2 billion of its coronavirus economic stimulus package to incentivize its manufacturers to move their production out of China as relations fray between the neighboring countries in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. I also wonder if the American Bill has something like that in it ? Probably not.
21. About 51 patients classed as having been cured in South Korea have tested positive again, the CDC said in a briefing on Monday. Rather than being infected again, the virus may have been reactivated in these people, given they tested positive again shortly after being released from quarantine, said Jeong Eun-kyeong, director-general of the Korean CDC.

Well, that's it for this Easter Sunday.

Take care everyone. 

Posted : April 12, 2020 04:15
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Been awhile since I updated.

Update May 12, 2020 Tuesday Tokyo time: 7 pm
Hello MGA members. Well, a lot has been happening around many places and it seems like more govt. are letting businesses open with very strict restrictions. Which is good. But I saw some videos about people are not listening to restrictions and going about as nothing serious can happen to them.
Keep in mind that there is "NO SECOND WAVE"

1. Italy: Psychologists have teamed up from the public, private and NGO sectors, offering their help free of charge in response to the mental health emergency.

2. Disney has reopened its Shanghai Disneyland park to a reduced number of visitors, ending a more than three-month closure caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

3. China news: On Monday, it reported 17 new cases nationally - the highest daily increase since 28 April - bringing the total number of cases to 82,918, with the death toll at 4,633.
This is why the virus is here to stay. Because of selfish crazy assho$2s like this joker: South Korea says the number of coronavirus infections connected to nightclubs in Seoul has risen to 93.The flare-up is linked to people who visited the Itaewon district on May 2, during a four-day holiday.Ministry officials told reporters on Tuesday that the new cases include nightclub customers and family members.They are asking everyone to immediately take PCR tests, but they are still unable to contact more than 3,000 people. Officials in Seoul say the tests can be taken anonymously and people who intentionally avoid testing can be fined about 1,600 dollars.

4. Don’t do it folks: Japan's Prime Minister Abe Shinzo says clinical trials of a vaccine for the coronavirus are expected to begin in the country as early as July.Abe made the disclosure at a Lower House Budget Committee session on Monday.He noted that vaccine tests in humans have already started in the United States.Abe said vaccines are being developed at several institutions in Japan, including the University of Tokyo, Osaka University and the National Institute of Infectious Diseases.

5. Toyota to dive 80% in profit: Toyota Motor Corp. on Tuesday forecast a sharp drop in sales and operating profit over the coming year as the car giant suffers from the "wide-ranging, significant and serious" fallout from the coronavirus pandemic that has shredded the global auto market.
6. The Treasury Department and the IRS are urging taxpayers who want to get their economic impact payments directly deposited to their bank accounts to enter their information online by Wednesday.
7. The government has sent out about 130 million payments in the first four weeks of the program by both direct deposit and by mail.
8. The IRS said Monday that people should use the “Get My Payment " tool on the IRS website by noon on Wednesday to provide their direct deposit information.

9. After that time, the agency will begin preparing millions of files to send to Bureau of Financial Services for paper checks that will begin arriving through late May and into June. The government cannot provide direct deposit once the process of sending a paper check has commenced.

10. The Get My Payment tool can be used to check on the status of a payment or provide direct deposit information. It has not always operated smoothly, but the IRS said many of its early glitches have been resolved.

11. Any U.S. citizen with a valid Social Security number who makes up to $75,000 will get a payment of $1,200; married couples who file jointly and earn less than $150,000 will get $2,400. The payment steadily declines for those who make more, and phases out for those who earn more than $99,000; or $198,000 for married couples. The thresholds are different for those who file as head of household. Parents will get $500 for each eligible child as well.

12. The government will automatically send payments based on the information provided in 2019 or 2018 tax returns. Automatic payments will also be sent to those receiving Social Security retirement, disability benefits, Railroad Retirement benefits, Veterans Affairs benefits or Supplemental Security Income soon, according to the IRS.

13. MIM’s “Street Talk”: As I stated, 95% of businesses doing business in China will remain doing business in China. Nice to be in love with your economic enemy. :
The Ministry of Commerce told some key foreign companies they can apply for exemptions to the entry ban if they want to get executives back into China, the people said, asking not to be identified because the matter hasn’t been made public. They would still serve a mandatory quarantine, one of the people said.
The move is the latest sign that China, which has banned almost all foreigners from entering since late March, is taking steps to reopen its borders for business. China has had some success in containing the outbreak, which first emerged in the central city of Wuhan, and businesses such as Shanghai Disneyland reopened on Monday, with health checks and social-distancing measures.

14. Russia: Over the past 24 hours, 10,559 new cases of coronavirus infection have been detected in 82 regions of Russia.

15. Mexico: 36400 cases of infections and 3600 deaths. I’m trying to get info for the Tijuana area. I wonder if this is hard hit also.
This is good news for Hong Kong: Hong Kong again reported no new coronavirus cases on Tuesday, leaving the city’s total number of infections at 1,047.The last confirmed cases – three of them, all imported – came on Sunday, while the most recent locally transmitted infection was reported 23 days ago.

Update: May 12, 2020 Tuesday Tokyo time: 7pm

On the 12th, a total of 72 people were infected in 10 municipalities nationwide, including 28 in Tokyo and 13 in Hokkaido, and 12 dead in Japan, including 6 dead in Hokkaido. The number of people confirmed to be infected in Japan was 16,040 including quarantine at the airport, and 712 passengers and crew on Yokohama Port cruise ships, for a total of 16,752. The number of people who died in Japan is 669, and the number of passengers on the Yokohama Port cruise ship is 13, totaling 682.

According to each municipality, here are the cases
Tokyo: 4987
Osaka: 1750
Kanagawa: 1186
Hokkaido: 979
Saitama: 966
Chiba 880 people
Hyogo prefecture 694 people
Fukuoka prefecture 655 people
Aichi prefecture 503 people
Kyoto prefecture 356 people
Ishikawa prefecture 283 people
Toyama prefecture 221 people
Ibaraki prefecture 168 people
Hiroshima prefecture 165 people People
Gifu prefecture 150 people
Gunma prefecture 147 people
Okinawa prefecture 142 people
Fukui prefecture 122 people
Shiga prefecture 97 people
Nara prefecture 90 people
Miyagi prefecture 88 people
Fukushima prefecture, Niigata prefecture 81
75 in Nagano
74 in Kochi
73 in Shizuoka
69 in Yamagata
63 in Wakayama
60 in Oita
56 in Tochigi and Yamanashi
Ehime , 48 in Kumamoto
45 in Mie and Saga
37 in Yamaguchi
28 in Kagawa
27 in Aomori
25 in Okayama
24 in Shimane
Nagasaki and Miyazaki prefectures have 17 people
Akita prefecture has 16 people
Kagoshima prefecture has 10 people
Tokushima prefecture has 5 people
Tottori prefecture has 3 people.

In addition,
2 people were confirmed infected at Narita Airport on the 12th, 314 people including those confirmed by quarantine at the airport and crew members of cruise ships at Nagasaki Port,
people returning from China by charter aircraft Are 14 people.

Just opened:

Posted : May 12, 2020 05:44
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