Comping With Triads

Special offer – a bundle of 3 lessons on triads and blues chords, now on sale until Feb 21st:

Triads Workout
Triads Workout
3 Downloads: Triad Voicings + Comping With Triads + Voicing & Comping The Blues. Over 5.5 hours, focused on learning the voicings and using them in a real situation.
Price: $82.00

This is the 2nd instalment in my series of lessons on Triads. You can access the first course here or buy it below.

What is this course about?

It’s all about applying what we learned in the first course. I will teach you how to use these triad voicings for playing common chord progressions. The progressions are in the style of:

  1. Thrill Is Gone
  2. Brown Eyed Girl
  3. The Weight
  4. No Woman, No Cry
  5. Hit The Road, Jack
  6. Pachelbel’s Canon

For each of the 6 studies above, we learn how to play the progression, up and down the neck, using the triad voicings you learned in the first course.

For each of the 6 studies, there are 2 lessons – one for GBE strings, and one for DGB strings.

Another useful aspect is that each example is in a different key, so you have plenty of opportunity to learn the fretboard better.

Why These Strings?

Because, in most situations when you play with a band, chords sound best on the thinner strings. I didn’t want the lesson to become too tedious either, using too many sets of strings for the examples. I believe you can easily add the A and low E string, once you’ve learned the triads in this course.

Why Should You Learn This?

Simple answer – these are the sweet notes – Major and Minor Triads. You will develop a strong knowledge for how to play major and minor triads all over the neck after going through this course. Also, if you relate these voicings to barre chords, you will find that many times, these triads are part of the barre chord. You may find you view chords in a different way after you finish this course. That is a good thing!

These chord progressions are also very, very common. This is on purpose. You will learn how to play along with common chord progressions, in several different ways. These chord progressions happen in thousands of songs! So, one way to look at it is that you’ll learn many many songs, just from these six studies. There are also several different strumming patterns used in the examples.

For example,  No Woman No Cry is a I-V-vi-IV progression, and the same progression is used for thousands of songs. See Wikipedia for a list of some of these songs.

Diatonic Harmony

I’ve also included some theory that is important to know. Diatonic Harmony, or how to harmonize the major scale, and why we use numbers and roman numerals for chords. I explain all this in a very clear way.

What’s Included

62 Files! 20 Videos, 6 backing tracks, MP3 files of the examples, Tab and Guitar Pro 6 files for all examples.

Example Video

Below you can order both courses. The 2nd course is called Comping With Triads. The 1st course is called Triad Voicings.

Order Bundles

Download Bundle: Triad Voicings + Comping With Triads
Download Bundle: Triad Voicings + Comping With Triads
2 Downloads: Triad Voicings + Comping With Triads.
Price: $65.00

2 DVDs : Triad Voicings + Comping With Triads
2 DVDs : Triad Voicings + Comping With Triads
2 DVDs with Download included.
Price: $67.00

Order Comping With Triads (2nd Course)


Comping With Triads - Full Download (1.6 GB)
20 videos, Backing Tracks, MP3's, Tab, Guitar Pro. Size of download: 1.6 GB. Total length: 1:33.
Price: $47.00
Comping With Triads - DVD + Download
20 videos, Backing Tracks, MP3's, Tab, Guitar Pro. Total length: 1:33.
Price: $49.00


Order Triad Voicings (1st Course)

Triad Voicings - Download (1 GB)
5 Videos, Tab, Neck Diagrams for all triads and examples. Length: 61 minutes. Size: 1 GB.
Price: $47.00
Triad Voicings - DVD + Download (1 GB)
5 Videos, Tab, Neck Diagrams for all triads and examples. Length: 61 minutes. Size: 1 GB.
Price: $49.00


Triads Poster

This poster can be of great help – put it on the wall where you practice – very handy!

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Comping With Triads
Average rating:  
 5 reviews
by Darren on Comping With Triads
Comping With Triads

A great second complimentary course to Triad Voicings, putting the theory tools into actual practice, you can't have one without the other.

by jeff m on Comping With Triads
Triad Voicings

Hello Robert! Man I am so happy that i bought your major and minor triad lesson. I have been playing for many years ( about 28 ) and i am actually pretty advanced and i cant believe i waited so long to learn about different chord voicings! I started playing for my church a couple of years ago and quickly realized that separation from the other guitars and instruments is BIG. although i only learned other voicings as needed, not really learning all of the basic ones and memorizing them. Sir this is a huge step for me and my playing. And because i am advanced, i learn easily and quickly. And am very happy to be learning from you! You are awesome Brother. thank you so very much and it was a very wise investment without a doubt! God Bless you and thank you again.

by James in MO. on Comping With Triads
awesome affordable lesson!!

Thank you for the awesome affordable lesson!! I am enjoying it so much and it makes so much sense. (I own guitar pro 6)

I have learned my scales by heart, major minor and pentatonic major minor and blue. I see how chords are made from the scale and how they relate.

With teachings like yours I have big breakthroughs in my understanding and it all keeps getting easier and more fun.

Cheers James

by Ivan on Comping With Triads
Comping with Triads

This is a great course in terms of building your chops in several areas including, comping, fretboard knowledge, chord construction, chord progression and diatonic theory. The triads you learn can also be applied to your soloing and improvisation chops, targeting chord tones all over the neck when you play over the changes.

This course really is more than just learning triads and chord progressions. The spin offs you'll invariably inherit will take your playing to exciting levels. Excellent value and instruction for the price.

by Chris on Comping With Triads
Comping with Triads

This is a great course that contains useful theory lessons that are presented very clearly and are super easy to follow and understand. This is then followed up with detailed lessons on learning the major and minor triads [three note chords].

When it is all combined, this is a great blend that will increase your fretboard knowledge as well as your understanding of the theory of building triads from the major scale. This is like a road-map of the fretboard. You will always know where the sweetest notes are, whether playing rhythm or soloing.