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What is this course about?

This is an easy 24 bar long solo, played over a minor blues shuffle, key of A minor.

The solo has a bit of classy sophistication, with a sense melodic tastiness that will help you break out of boredom. The difficulty is at about intermediate level. Everything is notated and tabbed, and it’s instantly available after you purchase.

What is included

In the the downloaded folder, I have included: 

  • 4 Videos
  • 5 Jam tracks
  • 1 Guitar Pro file
  • 1 Tablature/Notation PDF
  • 1 chord progression PNG (graphic format)

The solo is played over the 95 bpm jam track, and I have provided you with jam tracks at 85, 95, 105, 115 and 125 bpm as well.

Who should buy this?

Any blues guitarist who wants to learn about tasty, melodic ideas over a minor blues. It’s not a hard solo, you will have fun learning the little nuances and melodic hooks as I explain them in detail.

Example Video


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A Minor Blues Solo - A01
A Minor Blues Solo - A01
24 bar solo, suitable for intermediate players. Comes with 4 videos, tablature/notation, Guitar Pro, and 5 jam tracks.
Price: $18.00
Price: $13.00

Bar Blues 1 - Download - PRICE LOWERED
This lesson teaches you 24 great blues licks, as well as the rhythm guitar parts. The reason I called it “Bar Blues”, is that each lick spans 2 bars. You will learn 4 licks over bars 1-2, another 4 licks over bars 3-4, and so on. The result is that you learn good blues licks that are played in the right context. Size of download: 800MB.
Price: $47.00
Price: $22.00

Minor Blues Rhythm 1
Minor Blues Rhythm 1
8 Videos (slow-motion included), backing track, tablature.
Price: $19.00

Minor Blues Rhythm 2
Minor Blues Rhythm 2
3 Videos (slow-motion included), backing track, tablature. Download size: 447 MB
Price: $19.00

A Minor Blues Solo Transcription
A Minor Blues Solo Transcription
Video, Tablature, Guitar Pro, Backing Track.
Price: $4.95

Mastering the Blues Boxes

This course is a great beginner course for learning the “Blues Boxes” all over the neck. Not only will you learn the boxes, but we use these boxes to play a full solo, with the focus being on using the whole neck. Great learning here!

Easy 12 Bar Blues - 48 Bar Solo - Download (1.4 GB)
Comes with Video, Tab, Guitar Pro, mp3 tracks and a PDF handout, explaining the 5 Blues Boxes. Total size of download: 1.4. GB. 1 hour and 18 minutes in total.
Price: $47.00
Price: $23.00


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A Minor Blues Solo A01
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
 by Clayton

The A Minor Solo A01 is an excellent lesson for playing outside of the box and rising up to melodic soloing.
Robert elevates the beginner to intermediate player with an expansive sound up and down the neck, combining many skill elements including, bends to pitch, choice of fretboard location for different voicing, and following the chord changes. The awesome backing track is a keeper with some gospel flavor thrown into the changes just to keep a slow blues more interesting. This lesson is a great balance of challenge and familiarity that makes the solo attainable.

 by Ivan
A Minor Blues Solo - A01

Hey Robert. You outdid yourself once again with a lesson that not only includes a sophisticated melodic solo, but a lesson in itself on how to play melodically using chord tones. Perfect for the intermediate player.

 by Chris M
A Minor Blues Solo - A01

Robert, this is yet another awesome sounding and fun to play solo. I am truly amazed at how you are able to come up with these inspiring and motivating lessons so regularly. As with the others, there is much to learn within these gems. All in all, it is an inspiring, motivating and fun, opportunity to learn. Thank you.