6 Killer Blues Licks (Key of E)

This time, I’ve created a fun lesson for you who want to learn killer blues licks. 6 licks may not sound like a lot, but you see I’m playing these licks over 2 completely different tracks. In some ways, you are getting 2 lessons in one. One advanced and one intermediate.

The first one (advanced), is a fast blues-rock track at 145 BPM. The other (intermediate), is a slow blues at 65 BPM. These licks work great almost anywhere, so I really wanted you to see that. That’s why I call them “killer licks”.

You will get 6 videos – introduction, 2 performances, 2 slow motion, and the breakdown. I have also provided Tablature for the licks for both performances, and also the chord progression for the slow blues. Mp3 files for performances and backing tracks are also included.

These licks are great in several ways; you really get to know that pentatonic box, since all licks start at the same place. They are also great starting points for creating your own licks.

The 3 notes in the beginning are the same for all the licks, and I’m carefully explaining how you should pick and dampen these notes, so that they ring clear and sound just right.

If you are an intermediate player who want to get better at playing great sounding licks over rock or blues, this one is for you.

Below you can check out one of the 6 licks. For the gear, I used a Suhr Pro C1 guitar, a D’Angelico EX-SS, a Suhr Badger 18 and the 12 St. Special from KOAmps.com

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6 Killer Blues Licks
6 Videos, 2 backing tracks, performance mp3's, Tab and Guitar Pro files. Download size: 585 MB.
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by Michael Villanova on 6 Killer Blues Licks
6 Killer Blues Licks

Robert, again it's been fascinating learning from you. I have already a lot of your courses and I love to see them others you've got on You Tube. Thanks, the very best for you. Kind regards Michael

6 killer blues licks

Robert you have managed to capture my attention once again. These are stellar blues licks that you can transform into your very own. You can change the timing and the key to customize these licks to virtually anything. I am having so much fun. Thanks for the motivation! I love these licks. They will sound "killer" at Friday's night rehearsal with the rest of the band. A-mazing!

6 Killer Blues Licks (Key of E)

Robert has come through again with a simple, yet very effective approach to utilizing 6 really cool licks in a variety of tempos and feels.In this lesson he addresses only two feels, a rock blues and a slow blues approach. However, his instruction on how the phrases are constructed, opens up a whole new library of licks that you can create and add to your own vocabulary.All 6 licks are built off the same first three notes which are a typical blues staple phrase all blues players are familiar with and all in the familiar shape we know and love....the pentatonic. The possibilities for creativity are endless. If you're a blues/rock player this lesson is a must have.