12 Rock Guitar Licks + Rhythm

In this lesson, you will learn 12 rock guitar licks in detail, as well as the rhythm guitar part used for the backing track. For the sound, I used a Hell No. 2 from Hell Guitars and Line 6 POD HD500 from Line 6, which went straight into my computer via USB. I also used a Horn pick from Brossard Picks.

After purchasing, you will receive a link to download a 679 MB large zip file. Included in this download is:

  • 1 video (60 minutes, 690 MB in size)
  • 2 MP3s
  • 4 Notation files (2 TAB in PDF format, 2 Guitar Pro 6 files)

The video has TAB built-in on the screen for all the licks and the rhythm guitar portion.

The 12 licks are also demonstrated as a whole solo, both at normal speed (95 BPM) and a 50% slower version.

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Lick 6

“Hey Robert i bought your 12 licks download, wow!
I’m so happy it really worked for me, i guess i had enough skill to be able to digest them , but it really helped me to put my skill into real playing, huge step forward for me . thank you ! i will be looking out for more.”

“Thanks Robert, awesome licks – they are well laid out and easy to follow, I’m having a ball with this, although I’ve been playing guitar for years, these instructions offer a new dimension to my overall playing. Thanks again.

“I really enjoy your subtle approach to teaching…it’s quite ‘friendly’. You definitely know your instrument…I want to ‘know’ it as well. Thanks for your sharing. I will stay devoted and continue my growth in guitar playing knowledge. ”

12 Rock Guitar Licks Digital Download
Learn 12 Rock Guitar Licks, as well as the rhythm guitar part. Each lick is demonstrated in detail, and there is TAB on the screen for both the guitar licks and the rhythm guitar. A fun lesson I am sure you will enjoy, if you like this style of playing.
Price: $37.00
Price: $12.00

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12 Rock Guitar Licks + Rhythm
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