Jump Into The Blues

T-Bone Walker was one of the most influential and innovative blues guitarists of the 20th century. BB King once said: “When I heard T-Bone Walker play the electric guitar I had to have one.”

In this Late Beginner/Intermediate course, I’m going to teach you a full song, and it’s similar to the tunes T-Bone Shuffle and Papa Ain’t Salty, both great T-Bone Walker tunes. It’s a blues in G, and the tempo is 110 beats per minute.

T-Bone Scuffle Download
Learn a full T-Bone Walker style tune, complete with Melody, 48 bar long Solo, and Rhythm Guitar. 5 mp3 files, Tab & Guitar Pro files, 9 videos. Total length: 65 minutes.
Price: $47.00
Price: $25.00

What you will learn

I’ve written a melody, which follows the I, IV and V chords. I teach exactly how to play it.

I am also teaching how to play the rhythm guitar, and I have provided a performance video of it too, with a bar progress indicator at the bottom of the screen, so it’s real easy to follow. There is also a slow-motion performance.

Then we get into the solo, which is 48 bars long. It features typical T-Bone Walker licks and techniques, and there are both easy licks, as well as longer and more challenging lines. One thing you will notice is that sometimes his licks don’t end where you’d expect. When I first heard him, I thought it sounded a bit strange at times, but after you’ve listened to him for a while, you realize how cool that really is.

The solo has a performance video as well, with the same bar progress indicator, so that you can see exactly where in the progression each lick is being played. The performance is also available in slow-motion.

What do you get?t-bone-files

You will get 9 videos in total.  I have also provided Tablature and Guitar Pro files for you, and there are Mp3 files for performances and backing tracks included. I’ve also included a video where I mention the gear I used.

The course is 65 minutes long, and the download is a zip file of 1.1 GB. Note – you can NOT download this big file on a tablet, unless you have the right app for handling zip files. GoodReader is one that works well for iPads.

Who is it for?

This course is for Late Beginner/Intermediate players who want to learn a fun song in the style of T-Bone Walker. It’s a complete song with melody, rhythm guitar and lead guitar. You will learn signature T-Bone Walker licks, and you will gain a better understanding of how to play lead blues guitar in this style. Remember, I provide a 75% slowed-down version as well, so some of these longer/faster licks with a lot of notes will be easier to play.

The Full Performance

T-Bone Scuffle Download
Learn a full T-Bone Walker style tune, complete with Melody, 48 bar long Solo, and Rhythm Guitar. 5 mp3 files, Tab & Guitar Pro files, 9 videos. Total length: 65 minutes.
Price: $47.00
Price: $25.00

Jump Your Blues

This course is closely related to T-Bone Scuffle, because Jump Blues became T-Bone’s signature style of music. These two courses go really well together, and both are currently on sale.

Jump Your Blues - Download
Learn the Head (Melody), Chord progression, Chord Inversions, Comping, and a 36 bar long solo. Comes with TAB, Guitar Pro, Mp3, Video. Download size: 1.6 GB. Length of lesson: 1:38.
Price: $47.00
Price: $25.00

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T-Bone Scuffle
Average rating:  
 5 reviews
 by Greg Hinkle
T-Bone Walker

He was very influential to a lot of the blues greats. Very nice performance, great camera angle Robert. I've purchased tutorial material from you before, and you never disappoint. Great stuff again Robert. I can't say enough good about what you do.

 by Kim
Very Good Lesson Material

I may never have T-Bone or Roberts tone but I can try and this lesson is inspiring. I've already begun embellishing on the melody and I have only had a few hours to give it a go.

 by Clayton
T-Bone's classic blues

BB King, SRV, and countless other players stand on the shoulders of T-Bone Walker’s beautiful Blues. May sound simple but it’s a significant crossroads in the Jazz Band to Blues intersection of the 30’s and 40’s, and there’s a lot of good licks and style to learn from T-Bone’s tunes.

Robert Renman teaches T-Bone’s shuffle style in a complete package that includes precious insights on rhythm and chord variations, and use of dynamics in building interest and energy in a live setting. Robert’s style puts you in the chair next to the Master and shows you how to make it shuffle and swing. Pick up your guitar and learn how the blues are played.

 by Ivan
T Bone Scuffle

I'm a big T Bone fan and Robert has come closer than anyone I've heard in nailing T Bone's playing. T Bone has a unique style in terms of timing, feel and touch. Robert captures it all in this lesson, including rhythm. It's a must have for all T Bone fans.
5 stars plus.......

 by Chris
T-bone is cool.

Papa might not be salty but T-bone is cool. If he is good enough to inspire the great BB King then he is good enough for me. Robert does a great job on this lesson and includes everything you need to get it under your own fingers...