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Many of my students have asked me to create a lesson about how to use scales to play blues lead guitar. So I did, and it’s what I still use to this day.

When I first started with MGA I was basically a pentatonic box/shape oriented player interested in learning the blues. I didn’t know anything about theory, particularly intervals or chord tones. Scales You Can Use When Playing the Blues changed all that and opened up a whole new world for me in terms of manipulating the fretboard.

Working on this course gave me an appreciation for not only theory but for the power in triads and arpeggios. As a result I am now able to transfer licks and ideas all over the neck. It doesn’t happen intuitively. I still need to think about it and figure it out but I no longer depend strictly on box shapes. This course has helped me take ideas from different sources, transfer them to different areas of the neck and come up with some pretty cool 12 bar solos.

There are many great courses available at Master Guitar Academy. However, Scales You Can Use When Playing the Blues, is my favourite course. Ive been a MGA member for about three years and I constantly revisit this course on a continuous basis to this day. It has helped me develop a deeper theoretical understanding for the Blues and even improved my ear training. This course has really taken the mystery out of learning the blues for me. It still requires commitment and a lot of shedding, but it has certainly made learning the blues much more gratifying and pleasant.

Thank you Robert Renman and the MGA community. 

What This Is

Scenario: you are the type of player who knows the minor pentatonic boxes, some licks, but you are not sure what notes really work where, as you improvise over a 12 bar blues progression.

What often happens in such a situation is that you run up and down the pentatonic scale, hoping to not mess along the way. Basically, hoping for the best, while not really having a clue what you are doing.

Well, it really doesn’t have to be that way. I have a method for solving this.

Ivan’s Solo

Listen to Ivan’s solo! He built his own solo from this course, mixing in some other licks he already knew. The result? Well, listen for yourself! It is very good.


What This Course Can Do For You

I will teach you a powerful but simple scale concept, one that you can do so much with. It’s the method I use myself, and it can really accelerate your lead guitar playing. I have used this method successfully for over 30 years. Now you can too. This course will help you understand how to find the notes that fit the chords. I will also show you how to do it.

1 of 3 solos


I will teach you some basic theory about scales and chords. Most likely, you already knew some of this, but I will show you how you can really take advantage of it.

What Is Included?

  • 1 hour 45 min long video, with scale and theory sections, and 3 solos explained in detail
  • 11 page PDF booklet with scale diagrams and basic, useful music theory
  • Backing track
  • TAB and Guitar Pro files

What This Course Is Not

It is not a full-fledged music theory course. It is not a lesson full of random licks either. If you can’t stand music theory, and you dislike learning scales, then this is not for you. If you are looking for a magic solution that will make a great guitarist without having to do any work, then this is not for you either. If you are a complete beginner, this course will be challenging. It’s assumed you know the basics of a 12 bar blues, and how to play A7, D7, E7, and the minor pentatonic Box 1. If you are new to the 12 bar blues, then I recommend you get this course first.

Who This Course Is For

If you are an intermediate player, who wants to learn some fundamental music theory that is directly applicable, then you will really like this course. This will help you make use of basic music theory, in a real-world way. If you want to go beyond the pentatonic scale, and learn my method for knowing all the great notes to focus on when are soloing, then this is for you. This is not a dry theory course either, because you will learn 3 real guitar solos that use this method of mine. This course takes you from scales and fretboard knowledge to real solos, and everything is clearly explained along the way. Several of my students have called this course a “great fretboard roadmap for soloing”. That kind of nails it down.

Example Video for D7 (IV Chord)


Customer Feedback

“This is what I am looking for… a nice mix of theory, note selection, licks and 3 cool full solos. I like the idea of the solos. The solo licks work together and teach much more than a series of unrelated licks. I like the set up of the video. If someone wants to go over the theory parts, they can just go over the theory sections of the video. If they want to specifically focus on the licks, they can go to the lick sections. When working on the licks they might not want to review all the theory parts again and only want to see the licks, so I like it this way. I think it’s a great course!”




Combining the A Major and A Minor Pentatonic over A7

I have also included an bonus lesson for you, one that ties in to this course nice. It’s a lesson about how to use the A Major and A Minor Pentatonic over an A7 chord. I will teach you how I use these two scales together and instantly create hip licks as a result.

  • 20 minute lesson
  • Available as Download only (365 MB, not included on DVD)
  • Includes TAB, Guitar Pro 6 file, and Backing Track

Order DVD + Download

Scales You Can Use When You Play The Blues - DVD+Download
Scales You Can Use When You Play The Blues - DVD+Download
Scales You Can Use When You Play The Blues - DVD + Direct Download. 1 hour, 45 minutes. Comes with 11 page Handout, Backing Track, TAB and Guitar Pro files. Download size: 1.8GB. DVD shipped within 2 business days. You also get a 20 minute additional Bonus lesson on the Major & Minor Pentatonic.
Price: $49.00
Price: $26.00

Order Download Only

Scales You Can Use When You Play The Blues - Download
Scales You Can Use When You Play The Blues - Download
Scales You Can Use When You Play The Blues. 1 hour, 45 minutes. Comes with 11 page Handout, Backing Track, TAB and Guitar Pro files. Download size: 1.8GB. You also get a 20 minute additional Bonus lesson on the Major & Minor Pentatonic.
Price: $47.00
Price: $25.00


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Scales You Can Use When You Play The Blues
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Alf Agerup

This lesson - like the others I have bought from Robert at MGA - is just GREAT!
I think that's the right way to say it, in a few words.

 by Alf Agerup
Just GREAT Lessons

To say it in few words... JUST VERY GOOD and Important knowledge. Explained in very teach-full and easy to understand sentences..
Like the other download lessons I've bought from Robert, I'm very satisfied with this one too.

 by Ernie Moshurchak
Hybrid scales

Robert's licks are the tastiest and most useful I've learned. I'm not completely sold on the idea of hybrid or blended scales which I see as almost the chromatic scale with a couple of notes left out. I prefer to think of the scales separately when I play. Thanks for another great course Robert.

 by Markham Cook

I've been working on this course for only a week, but it's like a lightbulb going off in my head. I've tried other approaches for "scales over chords" and had limited success. Often it's the problem of "too much information", or playing too many scales before I know why.

But this course breaks it down into small digestible bits, with practical exercises. All of a sudden I'm (haltingly) switching scales with the chords. I'm not Charlie Parker yet, but the concept is clear, and the execution feels like it's just a matter of lots of practice.

If you're like me - playing the blues scale, occasionally switching from minor to major, maybe throwing in a sixth now and then, but not really knowing why - this is for you.

If you're like me - your soloing sounds pretty good, there's some melody and phrasing there, but after about eight bars you run out of steam - this is for you.

If you're like me - your solos all sound ok, but basically the same - then this is for you.

If you know some theory but struggle to know how it applies when you're improvising - or composing for that matter - this is for you.

On top of that, Robert is clear and engaging, the video is easy to follow, the camera work is clear, and it's fun.

I've done three other courses with Master Guitar Academy, and they've all been great. This one feels like a breakthrough.

 by Greg
Very satisfying blues tutorials

Robert Renman is a top of the line instructor. I purchased, "Scales you can use with the blues", I was very happy. Really, just one of many tutorials I have watched from Mr. Renman. The new minor blues course, is just outstanding, with really great camera angles, which have improved so much with Master Guitar Academy tutorials. Thanks Robert, for all you do!???

 by Ray
Scales You Can Use When You Play The Blues

These lessons are, by far. the best I have found. The amount of time, and effort Robert puts into making them is obvious in the final product. I would recommend them to anyone. I will definitely be buying more.

Thanks again Robert for the great lessons, and also for responding so quickly to my question after I bought my first lesson.


 by Michael Joseph Burgess
Scales You Can Use When You Play The Blues

Robert is an excellent instructor. The information he imparts is geared to the guitarist wanting to expand his or her musical palette. My favourite guitarists are able to expand their expressiveness beyond standard pentatonic figures. I can recognize how these theoretical concepts have been used by some of my favourite guitarists to keep songs interesting and vibrant. This instruction is well worth the price. I will be referring to it again, and I'll be recommending and ordering from Master Guitar Academy again, too.

 by Alex
Scales you can use when you play the blues

Absolutely incredible! Top 1% of more than 200 DVDs I have tried. I say this without financial incentive!

 by art larmand

very solid information the man is a good musician this stuff can be a plaid to any instrument