Learn a killer intermediate/advanced, modern blues solo in the key of A. You will learn 24 licks – 48 bars long. This solo has some challenging licks, but there are also many licks that are of intermediate difficulty level. The solo is inspired by players such as Robben Ford, Larry Carlton, Matt Schofield and of course B.B King. The solo has a variety of cool ideas, such as major triads, mixolydian, minor penta with major 6th instead of b7, etc.

Who is this for?

This course is for the blues player who is at Late Intermediate level, with an interest in modern blues playing. If you like the soloing by players such as Matt Schofield, you will love this course. There are many hip and cool licks, some challenging moves and some interesting theory in action.

Deeper Analysis

I have also included a longer, deeper analysis of the licks. This is where I talk about how I view the lick from a theory perspective. I talk about scales, triads, 3rds, or similar theory concept. This will be helpful to those who want to understand what’s going on from theoretical point of view. Further more, those who find this solo a bit challenging will still benefit greatly from this deeper analysis.


What’s included?

This download is 2.3 GB, and over 1.5 hours long. It comes with:

  • 4 videos (solo breakdown & deeper analysis has chapter markers, for ease of navigation)
  • TAB, Notation and Guitar Pro files
  • Backing track & performance track
  • 6 Killer Blues Licks – this course is included!

I have provided all the tools you need to learn this. I hope you dig it!

Stout Blues - Modern Blues Soloing
48 bars long. Over 1.5 hours. Comes with 4 videos, 3 mp3 files, tablature, Guitar Pro, notation, BIAB file. Size of download: 2.3 GB BONUS: 6 Killer Licks Included!
Price: $47.00
Price: $33.00

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Stout Blues
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Martin Johnson
Stout Blue's

I purchased this package at the great deal. I can't put down my guitar. Robert breaks down each lick so you learn to play it so it sounds great. I highly recommend anyone who loves playing the Blue's to take advantage of this program. It's amazing. Thank you Robert. I can't wait to learn the entire solo and play it with the included backing track. Great stuff!!

 by Darren
Stout Blues

If you're interested in wanting to learn more, and would like to do your own blues solo, and have some scale / theory knowledge in chord construction, this course you would like, as it goes through a full modern blues solo construction. And you would go to the deeper analysis video Robert has included, where he covers how you would go about formulating a solo over a chord progression.

Robert breaks down some of the tricks of the trade with solo's, covering information on major triads / chord tones; modes; using the major 6th in the pentatonic minor scale; and using the flatted 5th in the pentatonic minor scale (known as the blues scale); examples of chromatics; double stops; bends and sweep techniques; hammer on / pull offs; using major and minor 3rds; passing / chromatic / lead in notes (helpers).

Basically Robert covers the theory behind putting it all together over the chord progression. Using licks / phrases and where to place them over the chords in the progression. If this is what your wanting to know, you have some needed information in the deeper analysis video that Robert has included in this course.

 by Clifton Torrence

Renman's straight forward approach and great clarity is most refreshing. Like the beautiful Kevster Tele he shared with us, his lessons are direct, simply presented as well, and easily understood. It's a pleasure to be his student.

 by Brian P
Great blues course

Great for me to help step up a bit from intermediate to a-little-more-advanced intermediate.

Obviously "five stars", but should be ten. 🙂

 by David Edwards
Stout blues

Fantastic...! Clear and precise. Worth every penny.

 by Earle Chisholm
Stout Blues

It's my main focus of practice right now. I know the licks now working on technique and timing to get up to 135 bpm. As a previous reviewer said this course alone is worth the annual membership fee.

 by Marc Cerrato
Stout Blues

This is a great course to take. I love how each segment is slowed down and no confusion as to what notes are being played. Each lick gets to the point and can be used in any key. I tried a few licks already and they work out great. I am now using these licks in my band. This course is well worth getting.

 by Craig

In my opinion you have reached right into the depths of soul and created a genuine MASTERpiece.

To try to emulate it note for note would be a hefty task to say the least, but I don't think that is what is intended.

The concepts and creativity presented are worthy of much study and it is worth breaking it down into chunky bits and taken in small doses, like all good medicine!!

Looking at it broadly- as a single entity- it has a clever theme weaving throughout that comes and goes playfully. It has an uplifting vibe and takes you to unexpected places. Like all brilliant music, I could hear other themes and ideas surfacing in my imagination, taking me to my creative space and inspiring me to pick up my axe and let loose!

Robert, my humble thanks for sharing this glimpse into your creative spirit.

 by Ivan
Stout Blues....Awesome!

Great solo with a lot to learn from. It’s at an advanced level but Robert reveals a lot more than just memorizing licks. You’ll not only learn phrases to add to your repertoire but you’ll also gain a ton of theoretical knowledge that will open up your fret board to a whole new world of blues. That’s worth the price of admission on its own. It’s a must have course. Nice work!