Get Some Funk Into That Blues

Here is a fun lesson on how to play both rhythm guitar and 2 solos in the style of the song “Got My Mojo Working”. Check out Clarence Gatemouth Brown on youtube playing this song!

What you will learn:

  • How to strum the funky rhythm guitar
  • 2 solos, at intermediate level – some of these licks are quite challenging but really cool
  • How to go between 7th chords and a 13th chord, for the rhythm guitar chords

What’s included?

  • Got Some Mojo Workin’
  • 5 videos, covering rhythm guitar, solos, play-along, including 50% slowdown video.
  • Backing track
  • Guitar Pro and TAB
  • Solos in mp3 format
  • Open G Chords & Blues
  • 3 videos with chord grips illustrated on screen
  • Guitar Pro and TAB

Both these lessons are included in a 1.8 GB zip file. After you’ve downloaded and opened the zip file, you will see 2 folders for each of these two lessons.


Open G Chords & Blues

In this lesson, you will learn some common chord grips for playing in Open G tuning. I will also teach you how to play a blues in Open G, and the Keith Richards style of comping.

green-checkmark  Yes Robert, I am ready to get “my Mojo Workin'”, as well as the Open G chords bonus lesson!


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Got Some Mojo Working + Open G Riffs - Download
Got Some Mojo Working: a fun, funky blues in A. Also included is a lesson on playing with Open G tuning - riffs and a 12 bar blues. 1:44 in total. 1.8 GB in size. Intermediate level.
Price: $47.00
Price: $17.00

DVD Version Available

With this option, you get the big download of 1.8GB included, but you also get a link to download the mp3 and TAB/GP6 files, without the big video files.

Got Some Mojo Working + Open G Riffs - DVD
Got Some Mojo Working: a fun, funky blues in A. Also included is a lesson on playing with Open G tuning - riffs and a 12 bar blues. 1:44 in total. The Big Download is INCLUDED, as well as the lesson files WITHOUT the video. Intermediate level.
Price: $49.00
Price: $19.00

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Got Some Mojo Workin'
Average rating:  
 6 reviews
 by Paul Docherty
Rocking stuff

Just downloaded this on your kind discount offer, haven't had a chance to get into it yet but I'm sure that it's as clear and helpful as all your other lessons. I just had to say that I absolutely love your second solo, that's some rocking stuff you got going there Robert . . .

 by David Bullivant

The first solo is a well composed insight into this style of Major Blues playing. It's a keeper ! I also found the backing track a great pad for exploring any chord voicings I already have, as well as learning the technique you have used. I have not progressed to the next solo but look forward to moving onto it soon, it looks and sound like the goods also.

Thanks Robert !

 by john

Very good step by step with easy to follow slow down to see finger positioning which is crucial for beginners..and much better than some sites using pdf file tab where a second window needs to be opened.. Robert , I enjoy your lessons and the software and want to let you know I'm grateful. Thank you for sharing also will highly recommend what you are teaching me too!

 by Chris Mullin

Thanks for another super lesson. I love that you include a full speed and half speed jam track to work with. The Guitar Pro files have also been really useful to me in getting this down. I think I now have the Rhythm and Solo 1 down. Solo 2 is a bit more of a challenge. I am really looking forward to getting Solo 2 down. It really is a fun and enjoyable piece to play. Yeah, this lesson really got MY mojo working.

 by Jim C.

Touch, tone, timing and expression is the important emphasized keys always placed on playing great guitar and here Robert has definitely covered this in spades on his "Got Some MOJO Working" course!! Robert truly works it whilst channeling some super classic sounds of Hendrix, Bo Diddley and even rockabilly. Nobody wants to sound ordinary soloing on guitar and here Robert Renman shows us how to groove plus understand what we're doing and why it all sounds so cool! I especially love Solo 2 which features killer licks plus expansive concepts so we can even branch off into our very own creative direction and have a blast doing this!

I often describe Robert's lessons as fun and funky well thought out and this one's no confidence on guitar soloing shot sky high once I worked through this great lesson and just as important as learning seamless cool licks is the understanding we get from Robert's great direction. He really cares that we get it.........and that's why I'm thrilled I got this course!!

 by Clayton

This Mojo is Working for Me! Robert takes a blues standard that you’ll find at the open jam and presents a fun and engaging trip into rhythm and solo riffing that will raise the bar on your playing skills and get the bar room hopping. Mojo working has been covered by blues greats including Muddy Waters, and this lesson will get your Mojo Working, too.

Pick up the essential rhythm in major progressions with each chord voiced in Dominant 7 and 6th accents to create funky movement and Robert explains it all, step-by-step, from I-IV-V bar chords in upbeat and backbeat patterns, to muting and slides - this lesson covers a huge swath of blues skills but is never overwhelming. Got Rhythm? You will have it in your veins and tapping out your toes after being drawn into the Mojo magic.

As an advanced intermediate player, I find Robert’s two step lead lessons as providing a healthy dose of foundation that pulls you up to take on the advanced solo with confidence and conviction. Both solos cleverly employ so many necessary skills: pentatonic scale patterns, bends with purpose a point, double stop runs, and following the chord changes. The finesse and aggressive turns fill your skills so you can turn this into a voice of your own. I have returned to this lesson and all the elements regularly to reinforce all these great elements in my vocabulary and just to rock out on a jamtastic tune. Thanks for another great lesson, Robert!