Let’s Get The Shaking Under Control, Shall We?

Have you noticed how effective vibrato can be to convey different emotions? It can be aggressive, gentle, powerful or subtle. Mastering vibrato is essential if you want to play lead guitar. If you don’t have a good vibrato, you are not going to sound that great as a lead guitar player, it’s that simple.

I have had many students struggling with their vibrato, so I just had to create on course on this topic.

In this course, you will learn the most common vibrato techniques, in a fun and effective way.

A very fun aspect of this course, is that you will be able to copy what I’m doing in the video, over a backing track. You see, I’ve included space for you to play the same length of time as I do, for the practice studies.

This course is the perfect choice for you if you are a beginner to intermediate player, who is looking for ways to play, or to improve, vibrato.

These different techniques are the ones I use myself in my everyday playing. By learning these, you’ll have a better ability and understanding of how to develop the vibrato style you want.

Get it downloaded, and get to work on that vibrato today.

Course Contents

  1. Vibrato – Essential Guitar Techniques
  2. What Is A Vibrato?
  3. Pull-Down and Push-Up
  4. Practicing a Controlled Vibrato
  5. Side To Side Vibrato
  6. The Whole Arm Pull-Down Technique
  7. Bent Notes Vibrato
  8. Bending Into Notes, adding Vibrato
  9. Whammy Bar Vibrato
  10. Practicing These Techniques To An A Minor Backing Track
  11. Pull-Down Vibrato Practice
  12. Whole Arm Pull-Down Vibrato Practice
  13. Bent Notes Vibrato Practice
  14. Whammy Bar Vibrato Practice
  15. Useful Vibrato Tips!
  16. Wear A Guitar Strap!
  17. Mute With Right Hand Middle Finger
  18. Make Your Vibrato Even
  19. Experiment With These Techniques!
  20. Closing Words

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Essential Techniques - Vibrato
Learn the most common vibrato techniques, and practice these techniques to a play-along track. Comes with Tab, Guitar Pro, Neck Diagram and Backing Track. 1 hour, 13 minutes of instruction. Beginner to Intermediate.
Price: $37.00
Price: $27.00

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 by charles

Tq so much for the lesson hope you enjoy your trip to sewden i want to buy vibrato lesson your time is to short can you give some time please i want to send you the money soon tq.

Thanks Charles!