Wanna Jam Some Blues?

If you are looking for some great blues backing tracks, you have found them!

I’ve created 25 blues jam tracks, and they are in a wide variety of styles. Here’s how I went about it:

There are 3 tracks for each of the 7 natural keys (CDEFGAB) plus 3 in the key of Bb, since it’s such a common key. There is also one extra track in the key of E, because it’s the “guitar players key” and we can always use one more in that key! There are 8 minor blues tunes in here – one for each key.

Each MP3 track is roughly between 4:30 and 6 minutes long, and the audio quality is very good – encoded at 192 kbps. I find 128 kpbs doesn’t sound good enough. This means the files are slightly larger than the “standard” mp3 quality, but I think improved audio quality is worth it.

Now, besides the tracks, you need to know the chord progressions. Most of them are following the standard 12 bar blues form, but there are also a few that have more chords and different progressions. There’s 20 bar progressions in here, as well as 8 and 16 bar progressions, for variety and fun.

Included is an 18 page PDF, describing the style of each track, the tempo, and of course chord charts, so you can easily follow along.

There are “standard blues” tracks in here, but there are also tracks in the style of Allman Brother’s version of Stormy Monday, The House Is Rocking, As The Years Go Passing By, Johnny Be Goode, Mary Had A Little Lamb, Key To The Highway, etc.

Another special thing with this jam track collection is the variety of styles and sounds. Everything from slow to fast, and you will hear resonatar guitars, mandolins, organs, pianos, electric and acoustic guitars, and slide. In other words, a lot of variety!

Listen to this sample

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25 Blues Jam Tracks
25 Tracks in the 7 natural keys + B flat. There is one extra jam track in the key of E to make it 25.
Price: $37.00
Price: $25.00


Membership pays off

By the way, this jam track collection is included with the membership for all paying members. Maybe it’s time you joined? There are so many other benefits from doing that – I will help make you a better player if you are willing to do the work!


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25 Blues Jam Tracks
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 by Ivan
Can't Go Wrong - Must Have!

Awesome tracks, excellent audio quality, lots of variety and feels.....great deal. Glad I got it!

Thanks Robert.