Cool Riffs 1

Perhaps you are tired of playing scales and licks? Perhaps you just want to enjoy playing some rhythm and have some fun with cool and useful riffs? Well, then I think you will enjoy these 3 lessons. See also Cool Riffs 2.

This is beginner to intermediate level – fun riffs to play that will be challenging for a complete beginner and just plain fun for an intermediate player. There are many techniques covered in these lessons; techniques that even intermediate players may need to work on.

What’s in this lesson?

I have gone to great length to make these lessons very clear. Right hand camera angle (except for 1 riff), TAB on screen and everything you need to know is explained. TAB is also included as PDFs. Guitar Pro 6 users will enjoy the GP6 files included.

  1. Rockin My Blues 1 & 2 – 43 minute lesson on Texas Blues riffing. Rockin My Blues 2 is on DVD only.
  2. Boom Boom – 17 minute lesson on John Lee Hooker style Boom Boom riffing.
  3. Sharp Dressed Riff – 12 minute lesson on ZZ Top style Sharp Dressed Man riffing.

1:13:29 in total time. 1.2 GB in download size.

Cool Riffs Bundle

Cool Riffs 1 + 2 DVD Bundle
Cool Riffs 1 + 2 DVD Bundle
Cool Riffs 1 & 2 Bundle - over 3 hours of fun lessons. This is the DVD version (2 DVDs).
Price: $69.00
Price: $17.00

Cool Riffs 1 + 2 Download Bundle
Cool Riffs 1 + 2 Download Bundle
Cool Riffs 1 & 2 Bundle - over 3 hours of fun lessons. This is the download version.
Price: $67.00
Price: $17.00


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Cool Riffs 1
Average rating:  
 4 reviews
 by B Perry
Load of fun

This was worth the price just for Rockin My Blues, and I haven't even gotten to the other two lessons yet. 🙂

 by Roger Reagan
Just what I needed

As a beginner, these lessons are perfect for my skill level. The video and tabs make it easy enough to follow, and challenging enough to keep you interested. I started with Boom Boom and pretty much have it down. Its such a great feeling and motivator to finally be able to play something that my wife can recognize.

 by Michael Skinner

This little package is awesome, three really cool pieces to have lots of fun with. The visuals and audio are superb and crystal clear. The tabs are precise and easy to read. It's all very well to learn licks but it putting them together that counts and that's what you've done with this package. "Rockin' My Blues" is nice sounding and fairly straight forward, but then get into "Rockin' My Blues with Licks", and the piece takes on a whole new meaning and sounds so much cooler and sophisticated. Keep up the good work and bring out more of this kind of stuff.

 by Steve Karchy
Lovin it!

I love the BOOM BOOM and ZZTOP lessons...but it drives my wife crazy. I just started playing last January and am lovin' it!