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You will learn a rocking 36 bar long solo, but that’s not all. I will teach you not only the chord progression and the strumming, but also a wide variety of hip dominant 7 voicings, such as minor 9th, and Dominant 13 chords, etc. Lots to work on here – guaranteed.
You will also learn how to play the Head (the melody), and there is a horn section doubling that. This is gonna be tons of fun for you! You get the backing track with horns and keys, with bass/drums only, and I’ve also isolated the solo, AND provided it in a 75% slowed down version. Am I being helpful or what! 🙂

Chapter Markers and Bar Progress Indicator

The video has Chapter Markers, so it is easy to jump between sections in the video – chord progression, chord inversions, the head, the licks, etc. I have also included a bar progress indicator, so you can easily see where in the progression each licks is being played.

Benefits From Buying This Course?

For starters, you will learn a very nice solo, that has classic licks from players like BB King, Duke Robillard, Chuck Berry, Brian Setzer. Besides soloing, I have gone deep into details about chord voicings and chord extensions that sound killer. These are the type of chord grips that separates the boys from the men, so to speak. You’ll sound more professional and a little “jazzy” if you learn these. Some of them are tricky, but they are very useful to learn – you’ll run into them sooner or later anyway. The head (melody) is a fun one in itself – memorize and you can use it as part of a solo in a different song!

My current members on MGA love this course. Don’t take my word for it! It’s challenging, but fun. Some licks are easy, some are hard – some chord voicings are easy, some are hard. Enough to keep you busy for a while, without frustrating you.

HD500X Preset For You

I used a Line 6 POD HD500X for the rhythm guitar. The preset I used is available for download here.


I’m including the B7 Blues Tips lesson I did a while back. People have asked me about this, and although it’s not a complete course on soloing, it has some very applicable concepts, such as which scale to use over which chord, and some tips on starting licks. It’s a 37 minute video, and it comes with Guitar Pro, TAB and backing track.





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If you order the DVD, you will get the full download, as well as the lesson files only (Tab, mp3’s), which may be preferable. No lesson files are on the DVD – it contains the video only. So, make sure you download the lesson files after you’ve placed your order. The backing tracks were created with EZ Drummer, EZ Keys and EZ Mix 2, from Toontrack – wonderful tools for songwriting.

After opening the full download, you will find these folders and files:

green-checkmark  Yes Robert, I am ready to get the Jump Your Blues course, as well as the B7 Blues Tips Bonus Lesson!

Live Stream – July 17th at 4 pm Mountain Time

On this page, I will post a link to the live stream. The link will be posted 10 minutes before I go live.

The live stream will take place on YouTube. If you want to ask questions, make sure you are logged in to your YouTube account.

The topic for this live stream is how to practice to backing tracks. I will give you examples and ideas of how you can develop deeper skills on the fretboard as you jam and improvise over different jam tracks.

To find what time this is in your time zone, use this time zone converter.

Hope to see you on Monday at 4pm Mountain time!

Private Webcam Lessons

If you would like private live webcam lessons with me, that can be arranged as well. I have provided Skype/Zoom/FB Messenger lessons for several years now, and I can help you too.

I teach concepts, theory, tone, technique, songs, improvisation, scales/modes, styles (jazz, rock, blues, funk, roots, country, etc).

In short, I can provide you with the tools you need to become a good musician and get to the next level. I have over 40 years of experience teaching beginners as well as advanced players.

Live Video Lessons
Live Video Lessons
Skype or Zoom lessons. Length of lesson: 60 minutes
Price: $100.00

Jump Your Blues - Download
Learn the Head (Melody), Chord progression, Chord Inversions, Comping, and a 36 bar long solo. Comes with TAB, Guitar Pro, Mp3, Video. Download size: 1.6 GB. Length of lesson: 1:38.
Price: $47.00
Price: $25.00

Order DVD

Jump Your Blues - DVD + Download
DVD version + Direct Full Download. Learn the Head (Melody), Chord progression, Chord Inversions, Comping, and a 36 bar long solo. Comes with TAB, Guitar Pro, Mp3, Video. Download size: 1.6 GB. Length of lesson: 1:38. Comes with 2 downloads - the full Download, and the lesson files only.
Price: $47.00
Price: $25.50



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Jump Your Blues
Average rating:  
 7 reviews
 by Andreas Schaefer
Pleasantly Surprised

It's not easy for me to find a guitar course that fits my level of experience / technique. But this course does not only match it but it is challenging on multiple levels. The solo is fun to play and uses many different styles of licks to keep it interesting. Together with Transcribe! I can slow it down enough to practice and then slowly increase the speed until I can master it at full speed. This is the first course that made playing standing which is quite a different experience. Thanks - Robert.

 by Esteban

Robert Renman did it once again. Jump your Blues is, without doubt, one of the most interesting, dynamic, attractive and expressive guitar lesson from the MGA factory. The lesson compiles rhythms, melodies and provides useful licks and theory, not only for novices but also for intermediate to relatively advance guitar player students. It is indeed the natural progression of, at present, a relatively big number of premium lessons created by Robert since MGA started a few years ago. Robert, thank you so much, for your encouragement and interest to motivate and teach an increasingly number of guitar players like me. It is my honour and pleasure.

 by Clayton
Juke Joint Jive Jump'n Alive

No Jive, this course is Jumpin! I learned my blues rhythms and bass lines from Jump Blues styles and for good reason- upbeat, strong groove and jazz swing, churning out the foundation of electric blues and Rock. Robert gives a complete lesson in rhythm and solo practice and even gives the student insight to chord inversion and comping in a sit down and work it out approach.

The solo work is lively, bringing the blueprints straight from the Blues and Rock architects like BB King, Chuck Berry and others, off the records onto the fretboard and into your hands and ears. The solo aspects lead you to playing modern blues based rock: SRV, Page, Trower, and anybody tearing the house down. This course is just plain Fun to play and is a real chops builder, you’ll be hankering to get on down to the Juke Joint and get the place Jumping. This course is a steal, and better yet, just join the MGA and steal all the lick you can.

Thanks, Robert, for another awesome lesson!

 by Kieran

Jump Your Blues. - The lesson that tempted me to purchase an annual subscription. I'm pleased I did. Hours, days & weeks of suitable lessons available for me now.

 by Jim Cinnater
Jump Your Blues

I was once nearly lost on guitar but then Robert came along with yet another super soloing course with easy to learn techniques and tools galore! The trick to soloing is always standing out above the crowd and here Mr. Renman provides better than ample means to shine on guitar!! This course is an absolute must to get down inherently and personally I've extended this great fretboard knowledge along with several of his other courses to make myself scary good on guitar. I hear this all the time...........my confidence, touch, feel, timing and even tone playing guitar has jumped up improved in all facets and this is primarily due to Robert's courses, this Jump Your Blues course in particular but also his other full length courses and even his quicklicks lessons! I promise this to any aspiring guitarist, all you need is the desire to excel on guitar and Robert definitely provides all the rest and what was always a big ocean of murky water has been made clear and distinct by Mr. Renman right from the very start! Mystery of great guitar playing solved!!

Jim C.

 by Chris

Jump Your Blues - a great style, great tune, great solo and great series of lessons. Really a blast to play with lots of cool licks to add to your own playing.

 by Ivan

Just started working on this course yesterday and I'm hooked. You can't go wrong with this package. If you're into blues and jazz influenced licks this course is for you. Not to mention Robert's teaching style and all the material and resources that come with the course. It's a winner.....no doubt! You won't be disappointed.