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How to play fast blues rock licks YL19

Playing fast is something a lot guitar players want to do. So how do you do it? Needless to say, you need a lot of practice time, but WHAT should you practice? My answer is the technique.

In this lesson, you will learn some common blues rock “runs”, using this techniqu. You can view these as building blocks for creating your own licks and phrases. The techniques I present in this video will be very useful for guitar players who want to build speed into their solos.

I want to stress that you should focus on learning this technique at slow and medium tempos, because it will make phrases and licks much EASIER overall. It’s really my “secret” technique, if you will. As you get used to using this technique, you’ll soon be able to speed up your movements, BECAUSE, you have developed the technique for it.


How to play fast – YL19