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The Major Scale course updated

This week, I’ve updated the Major Scale course page and added some really important and useful lessons. You’ve GOT to know the major scale inside out if you want to be able to really improvise freely.

Is it a lot of work? Well, it can be, but it doesn’t have to be! I have created plenty of lessons for you that are easy to learn from. Study & practice.

This is the MEAT, brother and sisters! Don’t skip it. Make it your foundation, even if it takes you some time.

The updated course page is available here.

I’m here to help you as well. Post questions in the forum, submit your playing in the Student Focus section and you’ll be assisted.

Another thing I want to stress is think of the big picture. Learn and master the fundamentals of music. Compare to language. Do you want to be someone who can only say “thanks, cool, yeah man” (learning only a few licks on guitar) in English or would you prefer to be able to say anything you want in this language?

There is NO reason why anyone could not learn the modes and major/minor scales all over the fretboard. All it takes is instruction, motivation and some time in the “wood shed”. A big motivator can be the forum, because you get real people (including me) giving you feedback.

Remember, here on MGA you are not alone!

The Major Scale