A packed collection of short, fun and useful lessons

For one year, 52 weeks, I created a 2 minute lesson every Friday. I did this as a way to offer a very compact, useful and fun lesson series. I stopped after 52 weeks, because I didn’t grow as I had hoped, and I also realized it was way too much work for just 2 minutes. The truth is it took me almost as much time to do 2 minutes as it would 10 minutes or longer. Call it an experiment if you will. Many have told me they loved these lessons. So, here is the whole collection of these videos for you to purchase and download.

Each of these lessons come with its own backing track, Tablature and Guitar Pro files.

These lessons are available in streaming format on YouTube. However, you can’t download them there, and Tab/Guitar Pro/Backing Tracks are not free. I spent A LOT of hours making these and I think there is exceptional value to these lessons.

You will get an email with a link to the videos and the lesson files. You can stream the videos or download it all, if you prefer.


10 extra jam tracks, and 2 lesson videos (easy/beginner) included.

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52 Two Minute Lessons
52 Two Minute Lessons
52 videos with Tab and Guitar Pro + 52 backing tracks. 75% off regular price!
Price: $97.00


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2 Minute Lessons
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 6 reviews
 by Moamar
2 Minute Lessons (52 of them)

I've been learning a lot from your videos, so thanks a lot. Again great videos from great teacher.

 by Niki Kloss
2 Minute Lessons (52 of them)

2 Minute Lessons (52 of them)

 by Harry Baetz

Ich freue mich immer wieder dich zuhören und zu sehen um was schönes zu lernen. vielen dank . du hast es drauf

"I am always happy to listen to you and to see something nice to learn, many thanks. You have it"

 by Dan

Robert hits the sweet spot in how to deliver useful, relatable, and confidence building lessons in a style that is clear and easy to follow. I’ve being playing a long time and continue to learn and incorporate all sorts of great licks and techniques that he teaches.

 by Clayton

Two Minutes will give you an hour of practice and another lesson, lick, rhythm or trick in your utility belt. Holy Rock and Roll, these bite size lessons deliver a savory chunk of style and theory that is easily applied to everyday songs and jams. Robert Renman’s lessons always give me good material that gets me up to speed, sounding good, and ready to roll. Robert’s two minute lessons are easy to absorb and make me a better player every time. Thanks, Robert!

 by Chris

I am amazed at your ability to create such great content within 2 minute videos! They always contain great playing and lessons inside of them. Such nice bite sized chunks of inspiration and motivation. Thanks for making them!