If you don’t like the idea of a membership, you can download all my Premium lessons if you purchase this bundle. Note that the membership has much more lesson material, because not all my lessons are made into Premium downloads.

Furthermore, Soundslice only works on the membership, not with a download.

The good news is that a 1 year MGA membership is included!

Everything Bundle Download
Everything Bundle Download
All my Downloadable Products combined. Over 45 hours of lessons. Warning - BIG download! Will take many hours to download. BONUS: You also get a 12 month membership to MGA!
Price: $659.00
Price: $599.00

DVDs Bundle

This many DVDs is a huge and heavy box… shipping is very expensive, but here you go:

Everything DVD BUNDLE
Everything DVD BUNDLE
24 DVDs - You Got To Help Me; Easy 12 Bar Blues Solo; Advanced 12 Bar Blues Solo; Triad Voicings; Comping with Triads; St. James Infirmary Blues; Voicing & Comping the Blues; Jump Your Blues; 14 Licks in 7 Keys; Fretboard Finding Fun; Robben Ford Style Funky Blues, Scales You Can Use When You Play The Blues; Cool Riffs 2; Slow 60 Blues; Introduction To The Blues; Bar Blues 1; Lick Of The Week 1; Lick Of The Week 2 + Lick Of The Week 3 + Cool Riffs 1 + Jingle Bells Blues. Huge savings compared to buying them individually. Over 45 hours of fun. BONUS: You also get a 12 month membership to MGA!
Price: $699.00
Price: $666.00