Just joined and have my first free lesson.. I really wanted to say thank you for providing this quality of materials to everyone not in your area..  I too have been playing for about 30+ years, though have taken about 15 years of playing for various reasons, I am now getting back  into it…. I am intereted in blues, using good classical BB King, Albert King, Eric Clapton and JImmy and Stevie Vaughan and Buddy Guy as influences but not to completely copying them. I find your lessons to be just that..you show the kinda thought they use to play but yet..don’t directly  copy them…  I am interested in learning more about using jazz and even gypsy jazz thoughts into classic blues structures.

I look forward to learning more and more from you…

Thank you again Robert.

Robert, just wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying two of your lessons I have had for a while.   I’m currently working on the “12 Bar Blues Solo Advanced” and the “Got Some Mojo Working” (solo 1 right now) lessons.
I especially like the Slo Motion and use the breakdown when needed.
Your solos are interesting and fit the progression and are fun to play.
Ernie Lambert

Before I discovered Robert Renman and Master Guitar Academy, I tried several other on-line guitar lesson sites. Now from personal experience I can truly say my favourite guitar guru is Robert here at MGA. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned guitar player, Robert can and will inspire you to go to the next level of your guitar playing abilities. Robert’s skills and knowledge of the guitar in almost every style are evident in his high quality video demonstrations. He has a simple and effective way of communicating what you need to learn. I would highly recommend at the very least trying his free lessons to see and hear the possibilities.

Thomas Schaaf (tawmy)

I have been following Robert’s lessons at MGA for several years now. There is something for everyone; simple to super challenging. Blues, rock, jazz, country. Absolutely the best material and the highest quality video anywhere.

Robert gives you short riffs that are the gems that everybody wants to know, and insider analysis on how to play them so they are real. His longer pieces, like the recent ‘You Got to Help Me’ and ‘TBone Shuffle’ are fun to learn and fun to play.

Brian Fox

I have been on the site for over a year now. Robert is a very good instructor. For example he takes the time to explain how the notes relate to the key you are playing in. Which gives you a better understanding as to why they go together.

Lessons range from beginner to advanced and everything in between. My playing has improved dramatically. I highly recommend this site and Robert’s excellent teaching ability for those who are serious about improving there guitar skills.

Mike Porter

Been using MGA and Dolphinstreet sites for some time. They are great for content, motivation/inspiration and more.

Robert is very generous with his time and material. Robert is also one the most conscientious teachers I have met.

Gary Weidner

Robert’s Master Guitar Academy is one of the best teaching sites out there. I’ve joined many sites looking for quality teaching and insights with the sizzle of learning great new licks and jams and Master Guitar Academy is all that and more. That said I highly recommend Master Guitar Academy. For me the key is Robert is a great teacher… He gets right to the learning without a lot of talking which is priceless… Plus his understanding of music and ability to present it so you can learn it is what sets him apart from the many other players who are players but not good teachers…
5 stars Robert keep up the good work!

Rich Pace

Robert’s masterful instruction and guidance made it possible for me to elevate my playing skills and musicianship across the difficult span of intermediate guitar.

The lessons give the student tools to become a well-rounded guitarist with skills to play their own music, by addressing playing skills and theory, and often incorporating multiple skill layers, challenging new concepts and reinforcing the essentials.

My playing, listening and recording skills have increased and exceeded my expectations, growing incredibly during my membership in the Master Guitar Academy. I came to the MGA with some playing experience- thanks to Robert, my ability to play, record and jam with other musicians has risen to late intermediate and given me the confidence to create and play my own music with others.


I have been a student at MGA since 2014. As a retiree, new to online guitar instruction, I have found Robert Renman’s teaching methods and products to be first class.

Although my interests lean more towards the blues, Robert offers other genres of music including, rock, country, jazz and including theory with advice and study materials that reinforce every lesson and concept.

His style of teaching has not only enabled me to progress far quicker than I had imagined but has helped me to develop my own personal style.

Definitely a great place for any level of player to take their playing to another level, at their own pace.

Ivan Stergulc

Robert is not only a fantastic player but he is also a very talented instructor, as well. He has the ability to break things down into easily understandable bits and pieces and show you exactly what is going on, whether it is a great solo or rhythm lesson, some nice practice drills or a bit of theory… Whatever he is showing you, he sincerely wants you to learn and understand it and use it to become a better player.

Robert is very responsive to his students, actively listening to them and giving them not only what they are looking for but also lessons that they may need. He has great chops, and he just comes up with great musical ideas for lessons and courses. There is a huge pile of super musical lessons for all levels within the MGA archives, and more is still being added.

Chris Mullin