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Rhythm & Licks 1 - Download
Rhythm & Licks 1 - Download
Length: 26 minutes. Comes with 3 Videos, Guitar Pro & TAB. Download size: 480 MB.
Price: $6.50

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Jingle Bells Blues Download
This is a 40 minute lesson that comes with TAB built into the video. You also get 3 versions of the backing track, separate TAB files, and the Guitar Pro 6 file. The video is a Quicktime movie with Chapters, so you can quickly navigate between sections and licks. The lesson covers the rhythm guitar, melody for both verse and chorus and a fun solo that consists of 10 sweet licks. This is a zip file that is 505 MB in size. BONUS - a 20 minute lesson on Minor & Major Pentatonic.
Price: $19.95
Price: $7.00

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Play a blues by yourself?

E Porch Blues
E Porch Blues
Video, Guitar Pro, Tablature and jam track. Length: 25 minutes. Size of download: 640 MB
Price: $5.00


Hendrix Embellishment Lesson – classy chording chops & solo lesson

Hendrix Bundle - Solo + Chord Embellishment
11 Videos, Tab, Guitar Pro, Backing Track, Performance Track. Download size: 1.1 GB.
Price: $27.00


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