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Spark "Smart Practice Amp"  

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Is this as interesting as I think it is? 🤣 


"" the smart amp and app that jam along with you using intelligent technology. Play and practice with millions of songs and access over 10,000 tones powered by our award-winning BIAS tone engine. "

It appears that one uses an app and  picks a song from Spotify or Apple Music and then it will provide the chord chart and jam along!  Or you tell it "Follow My Guitar" and it will listen to you and then provide your backing band.  Not to mention it has amp modeling and 1,000's of pedals and will serve as a guitar interface.  And all for just $224 US.

I am not in anyway recommending this but is this pretty cool or am I just easily impressed? (Or possibly both?) 


Posted : January 22, 2020 09:53
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I missed this post! It looks like a fun thing and for the price, why not. 

Posted : February 28, 2020 09:26