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Hello, and I pray and hope that you are managing through the covid pandemic.

I am 75 so vid would make short work of me if i fell ill with it.

I started playing with two of my brothers and other fiddle players and accordion players at 11 years old. Town halls and such. We learn fast when we are young and that speaks even loouder for bad habits. I was touring at 17 and was using alcohol at the expense of my health and attitude. I was fully involved in music but found that I had to supplemenmt my music with what they called an 'honest job'. Mills, construction and other loud noise jobs are with me again in the form of hearing loss, !!!If I only new then what I know now.I played multiple B&C rooms and the occasional A room. I was with a group called Spade Neilsen and the Gamblers (BC and Alberta )and had the offer to go to Vietnam with Frank McCormack and the "Country Macks". we had the tickets and our shots but the contract was canceled because the troups were pulling out and it was a mess over there, I did some work in the US in Willisten, ND and did some 6 nights a week at the Wagon Wheel in Blain. Most of the work came up through an agent (Whitefoot). I toured BC with Floyed Tolman as a duo and in the mid 80's we were nominated for best country duo in the BCCMA (but did not win).

I spent most of the eighties doing singles up to 6 Pc in hotels bars and clubs. I owned my own security company from 1983 to supplement my music. From 1990 on I was busy learning the "C" elect ticket, and 'FIRE Alarm trade' doing courses at BCIT and was realy loving the new hat I wore. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2007 that was later removed. My wife was diagnosed with metastatic colin cancer and passed away in 2010.

I do hope you didn't find my introduction too graphic or honest.

I have since remaried to a wonderful Chinese lady who loves music and singing and we both do choir and church music, I am contemplating doing a Master Class jazz course for 4 days over two weeks at VSO in Vancouver. No asspersions upon our "Master Guitarist" Robert Renman in a different venue on - line.

Thanks for your patience and I hope some young musician may read this and remember that your character will shine and be seen by others LONG before the notes you want them to hear have reached their ears.

I regret the character flawes i had as a youth FAR more than the bad notes I played,  May God bless you all,




Posted : June 1, 2020 23:16
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Hi Sandyeric, thanks for that write-up. Interesting to hear your story. Lots of touring, it sounds like. I respect your advice - good character is a life-long pursuit, and one that is never finished.

Jazz is hard to teach for me, but my goal is to add more material into that category.

Posted : June 6, 2020 09:40