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1 Easy Blues Lick in 5 Locations

Here’s a very easy blues lick, and I’ll do a follow up on this one later, with more examples and more “meat”.

This is a free one I put on YouTube as a promotional tool to bring more players over to MGA. You can access the free lesson here.

Naturally, I have created Soundslice for this exercise as well, and you can view it here. Soundslice is only available for MGA members.

I’ve started planning a number of Soundslice exercises for hammer-ons and pull-offs. These will come in the next couple of weeks. Let me know if you have any wishes for these ones – now’s the time to speak up! Post in the forum if you have ideas. What I’ve planned so far is the minor pentatonic boxes in different ways, using these two techniques. Then, I’ll move over to the major scale, I think. Perhaps a collection of licks too, highlighting these techniques.