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2 new solos – jamming over backing tracks

Here are two improvised solos that I played over two of Mats Nermark’s latest backing tracks. These tracks will be available for you soon.

I came up with a little theme for Once Upon A Boat, so I started and ended the jam with that. I should continued longer at the end, but I thought I had messed up so I stopped playing. When I listened back to it, I thought it wasn’t so bad after all so I kept it as is. I was going for a John Scofield style of playing. He is one of my heroes, by the way. Amazing musician and I have listened to him since I was 16 years old.

Cross Platform has a rock vibe, and that solo is just improvisation – nothing was planned. I guess both solos are examples of what comes out when I  just hit record and see what happens.

Cross Platform Once Upon A Boat