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3 New Licks – SRV, Angus, SH

I’ve brewed 3 new, fresh and challenging licks for you. These 3 videos are available under the Lick of the Week course page.

These 3 are videos I made for Positive Grid, but of course MGA members get them too.

One is a typical Angus Young lick. Listen to the tune TNT, and you’ll hear this lick in there. Intermediate level I think. You CAN play it slower too…

There is also a challenging jazz fusion lick video, inspired by the great Scott Henderson. Definitely on the advanced side.

Lastly, the SRV lick. I’ve always wanted to share this one with you. It’s from the killer playing on the tune Scuttle Buttin’. Advanced for sure, but guess what – you have Soundslice available for this one, so you can slow it down and take your time with it. Great lick and a great workout for them fingers!

Access the 3 Hip Licks here