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5 Ways to play A7 – Bm

Some background: this progression stems from D Major. The chords are A7 and B minor. That means they are “V” chord and “Vi” chords from the perspective of D major.

Personally, I don’t think that is the only way to look at it. When the song is focused on the minor chord, I think of it as the I chord. So in that respect, this can also be viewed as a VII – I progression.

What I’ve done here is create a lesson with the first ideas that came to mind as I played. I then made mini-lesson on this one specific topic. I know so many students are struggling with chords and rhythm, so I’m hoping you’ll enjoy this one. Let me know!

Soundslice and backing track available (click “lesson files” on the Soundslice page).

5 Ways – Explanation 5 Ways – Soundslice