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Alternate Picking on B-E strings

Alternate picking – the biggest hurdle for many people, myself included. I find that it is easiest for me to always pick towards the string I’m switching to. This is called “outside picking” and it only occurs when switching strings. When you play on one string, it’s called “tremolo picking”. Now if you recall, I made a video that I erroneously named “inside picking”, when it actually was the opposite… I messed that up because I googled the term for this style of picking, and low and behold, I went with an article that that was wrong. My apologies for that confusion.

Here is an exercise/lick idea, that is going between B and E strings, and it’s all alternate picking. See if you can play this cleanly at a slow tempo? Start with a downstroke. Then, gradually start to increase the speed. Make sure you don’t pick too “deep” – use just the edge of the pick.

I am testing some V-PICKS and I came up with this exercise as a result.

Alternate picking exercise