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Arpeggio Exercises in key of E

This is a fun and challenging exercises. Great for several reasons:

  1. Coordination. You must be exact with how you put your fingers on the frets, or it will sound awful.
  2. Strength. You will develop better finger strength from this exercise.
  3. Flexibility. You will have to stretch your fingers a bit to reach, and that is a great thing itself. Just don’t overdo it! I say 20 minutes maxium, in one sitting, with this exercise.
  4. Timing. You’ll have to play evenly and accurately. You may find that certain finger movements in these exercises makes it harder to be even. Practice!
  5. New finger patterns. I bet you haven’t been using all these arpeggio shapes in your playing, have you? So, by learning new patterns, you have to force your fingers and brain to remember something new. Muscle memory from old licks and scale patterns run deep, and this exercise will help you improve your finger dexterity and make your brain accept new finger movements. Eventually. 🙂
1-4-5-1 Arpeggio Practice 1-4-5-1 Arpeggios – Soundslice