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Boosted Blues part 1

Let’s have a look at some ideas for blues soloing where the ideas have some funky, jazzy ideas. I’m hoping this will inspire you and give you some new ideas you can use in your own playing.

There is a concept in here that I want you to know. When you’re playing over a dominant chord, you can play a minor triad or minor 7 arpeggio starting fromY the 5th scale degree. Since I’m playing over an A7 chord, I play an E minor triad. That’s because the 5th scale degree or interval of A is E.

Another thing happening here is approaching a chord tone from a half step away. For example, I play the minor 3rd to the major 3rd over the 4 chord D7 and it’s important to know that you have to play these chord tones this way on a downbeat, otherwise it will sound strange.

Part 1 Soundslice – Part 1