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E7(13,#9) – a slick Dom7 chord

Here is a cool chord you might find use for. The way I view this chord is E7#9 but with an added 6th in there (can also be viewed as the 13th). Or you can view it as an E13#9. Or E7(13,#9). This chord has no 5th either, and neither does that typical “Hendrix chord”. The 5th is very often left out, because it’s not that necessary and often chords sound airier and more pleasant without the 5th in there.

I use it for comping, like when I want a cool Dominant 7 chord behind the soloist. Another way to use it is as an ending chord.

I wrote down a more thorough explanation in a PDF document, together with neck diagrams, and you can download this handout here.

E13#9 Chord