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Easy blues solo with 4 licks

I have added an easy blues solo over at

Have a listen – how do you like it? As you will see, I only use 4 licks, but it sounds great and tasty, right? A big reason for that is the SPACE left in there. Take note of this! The 2nd element of power here is REPETITION. By playing some of these licks more than once, you are telling the listener that you have something worth saying. It works wonderfully. 

This solo is based on the minor blues rhythm guitar lesson in this course. I know a lot of guitar players don’t spend enough time on playing rhythm guitar, but maybe this little solo can help inspire you to learn both the rhythm and the solo? 

Now this isn’t a challenge if you are an experienced player. If you are in this category, what you can do is stretch out a bit and build on these easy licks. Start easy & tasty, and gradually build it up after the first 12 bars. You may actually find inspiration in the simplicity of this and come up with something really awesome. If that’s the case, we want to hear your version. Just post a clip on the forum – I would absolutely love it if you do!

Minor Blues Solo with 4 licks


Soundslice version of this solo

   ▶︎  Soundslice version here.