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Eric Johnson Triads

I love the sound of “wider interval triads”, which is something Eric Johnson often uses, hence the name of this lesson.

It’s a simple concept really: play a triad, but move one of the notes to a different octave. That’s it in a nutshell.

Now, you should explore this concept further. You see, you can reorganize these notes. Moving the 3rd to the upper octave isn’t the only option. What does it sound like if you play the triad with, for example, this formula: 5th – m3 – root, where the root is an octave higher?

Try that with an E minor triad, for example (B-G-E):
Play 5th interval: 9th fret on D string
Play minor 3rd interval: 8th fret on B string
Play root: 12th fret on E string

Cool yeah? Start exploring this stuff – it’s fun and can lead some really hip chord voicings! Do this with 7th chords next!

Eric Johnson Triads