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Important news & Live Chat July 7 2018

Yesterday’s live chat was fun! Unfortunately, I had some sync issues, so the video is not perfect. The video and audio is sometimes out of sync. This will be less of a problem next, I think. I’m also going record the next live session directly to my computer, so the archived version will always be in sync.

I have brought back an old page from the dead. You see, I used to do live chats in the past, but it turned out that my internet speed was too slow then. Now, I’ve changed providers and it’s more reliable for live video (even though yesterday was a bit iffy). Still, there is a lot of useful information in these older chats, so I invite you to go through them! Doing so might inspire you, or lead to more questions and ideas – it’s all good!

I think I’ll have to set up a new course page for these Live Chats. I’ll do that in August.

The big news I announced yesterday is that:

  1. I’m taking my daughter to France/Sweden for a family visit. My sister and brother both passed away this last year, and right now is the best time for us to go. My daughter really needs to see my Swedish family now (I do too). I will be back August 7. We leave tomorrow July 9.
  2. I have a massive collection of backing tracks being added to MGA in August! In fact, 180 killer backing tracks! These are made by a friend of mine, and they are of very high quality. They are also in a variety of styles – pop, rock, jazz-rock, blues, etc. I think you will have fun jamming to these! PDFs of the chords will also be available!

So I will leave you with this for now. Spend some time going through my courses and live chats. It’s a great benefit to log your practice in the forum, and to make a study plan for what you want to learn. Stick to it! The practice log will help with that.

Make an effort to record yourself playing on a video, and submit it on the forum in the Student Focus section. Then I will respond with a video when I come back in August!

Maybe I’ll get to hear you play some Low Income Blues for me? With a “rich” tone – haha [INSERT GRIN]!

Over and out – have a good one and I’ll see you in August.

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