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Insanely Fast?

It’s always fun to be able to play fast riffs, ay? Well, here’s a way you can play incredibly fast runs, using the pentatonic scale. The secret is this legato-style, using hammer-ons, 3 notes per string. This makes it possible to play with incredible speed, and you don’t have to worry much about what the right hand is doing. I’m only picking one note per string – the other two notes are handled by the left hand. Pretty cool?

This technique is not just for showing off your skills. I use it a LOT in my playing, because it simplifies phrasing and note sequences. I recommend you view this as another tool in your toolbox. You don’t have to stick to only one technique approach – use several, and choose wisely. Go for the best of several worlds. Have fun with this, and may the speed be with you!

Insanely Fast Pentatonic Riff Insanely Fast Pentatonic Riff – Soundslice