Last Chance - 52 lesson download

Intermediate Blues Solo in E

This soloing course is at about intermediate difficulty level. I tried it make it sound musical, like something a pretty good blues player might actually play. It’s not just a bunch of licks strung together, because that never sounds natural. Instead, the idea is to tell a musical story, and to get the listener’s attention, and simply make it sound good and real.

When I came up with the ideas for this solo, I was thinking a bit about Eric Clapton, and maybe you’ll notice. I think there are traces of Stevie Ray Vaughan here as well.

Overall, you’ll find several useful turnaround licks, blues scale licks, mixing the major and minor pentatonic, chord tone licks, triplet licks, chromatic passing notes, etc. Another thing you’ll see are double-stops, which are a really nice tool to use. There’s one lick where I bend and release a double-stop to make it sound really bluesy.

Everything is notated in both Tablature and Guitar Pro, and the backing track is available at different tempos, for ease of learning.

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