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Major Pentatonic Blues Lick with b3

This lick is simply using the 6 note “hybrid” scale, where we play both minor third and major 3rd, and it’s repeating itself as we go higher and higher. The lick ends with a longer chromatic move, followed by minor third, root note and minor 7th. Simple concept that sounds very cool sometimes!

Just to be clear – this is not an example of using the minor or the major pentatonic together. It’s about using the major pentatonic with the minor 3rd added, to make it more “bluesy”. The minor 3rd is simply a passing note here.

This is also a great lick for working on your pentatonic scale knowledge, because this lick uses the whole fretboard. Take the time to memorize each section (octave) separately at first, before you go for the whole enchilada. There is a lot of repetition as you will see, so by learning each octave separately, you’ll be able to reuse parts of this lick in other tunes.

Major Pentatonic Lick with b3