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Major Scale pattern practice

Here is a great scale pattern to know. When I say scale pattern, I’m not talking about a fingerboard pattern. The notes are all from the C major scale. You can look at it this way – each 2 notes per chord are a 6th apart. The chords are C, Bm7b5, Am, G, F, Em, Dm, C, Bm7b5, Am.

I’m simply playing descending 6ths from within the major scale itself. It’s much easier to see this with the first approach, but it requires constant hand movement. The 2nd approach is probably as easy, visually speaking, but it’s an approach you should learn as well, because there is minimal hand movement required. Learn both!

If you inspect what these 2 notes are for each of the chords, you’ll notice that I’m play these intervals: 5th, 3rd for the first chord, then 3rd 5th for the 2nd chord. This process then continues this way.

Major Scale in 6ths Major Scale in 6ths – Soundslice