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Mega Blues Scale Runs

One scale to rule them all? The minor blues scale is maybe the most useful scale you will ever find. Why? Because it’s applicable in any situation – even if it doesn’t fit, it’s gonna sound cool!

I think of it as the ultimate guitar scale, for that reason. The major scale is probably the most important scale, but it doesn’t work everywhere, whereas the minor blues scale, kind of does!

Now, I must stress that this blues scale run is an exercise. Remember that. It’s not a solo and there is NO phrasing here. The point is, practicing this way till force you to know where the notes are, and you’ll have more fretboard confidence as a result. You fingers and your brain will come together as one – mistakes are less likely to happen when you do this enough.

As you will see, I move from the lowest pattern, horizontally, until I finish way up on the neck. The movements are facilitated by sliding the hand.

The way I play this scale run came about from me practicing. I deliberately came up with some interesting “note patterns”, some of which I often use myself in solos. In other words, it’s not just the scale played sequentially, note for note. Nope, I have some melodic ideas in there. However, there is no rhythmic phrasing at all – it’s just a stream of notes as an exercise, but it IS a good one!

Hope you like it!

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