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Melodic Construction Using Sixths

You know, 6ths is hard to pronounce, but way easier to play!

Let’s explore how we can play some sweet melodies using 6ths.

I’m playing over a 4-1-5-6 chord progression in C. That leads to the following chords: F | C | G | Am but the second time I skip the Am, just stay on G twice as long as the first time.

I think of 6ths as a “cheat triad”. You get most of the melodic power triads provide, but it’s easier to move 6ths around the fretboard, since we’re only playing 2 notes instead of 3.

By the way, it’s called 6ths (or sixths) because the interval distance between the two notes is a 6th.

Melodies with 6ths Melodies with 6ths – Soundslice