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Melody with the 6th interval

What is a 6th​ interval? It refers to the number of scale steps from the first note to the second note. In the video, you’ll see me play the first 6th on the 12th fret, DB. That’s a 6th, because if you count from D to B, using the G major scale, you’ll see that B is the 6th note, as you start from the note D.

​​Then over the Em chord, I play BG, which is also a 6th, even though the shape is different. Using the G major scale, count from B to G, and you will find G is the 6th note. That’s how it works. The shape of a 6th can be minor or major, and that’s determined by scale formula (where the half-steps and whole-steps occur). Let me know if you have any questions.

6th Interval Melody – Soundslice 6th Interval Melody