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Slow Burning

Here are two sweet sounding melodic ideas. The first one, is a melodic movement, using 3rds. Those of you who saw my Live Stream where I covered 3rds, will instantly recognize this. That’s exactly what I’m doing – using moving 3rds to build a sweet sounding melody that goes between the chords (Dm – Bb – F).

Listen to the John Mayer song “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room” and you’ll know from where the inspiration came. 🙂

The second idea is a Hendrix style embellishment thing. We’ve all heard him play such things in Little Wing and The Wind Cries Mary.

Come and check it out! Soundslice is available too. Note that the free youtube version is 2 minutes, but your version here is longer. I needed a bit more time to explain it thoroughly, so only here on MGA do you get the full explanation.

Hope you like it!

Slow Burning Slow Burning – Soundslice