Last Chance - 52 lesson download

Student Focus

A new feature is starting on MGA!

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This is your opportunity to get my detailed feedback on your playing. How are you playing something, what issues should you fix, where are you lacking, what are you doing well, etc – if you want me to answer those questions and more for YOU, then submit your video!

I can NOT STRESS ENOUGH how important it is that you record yourself, keep a practice log, and actively look for ways to improve your skills. This is YOUR CHANCE to really take your playing to the next level. I really mean it.

Do not simply sit in your room by yourself and follow along to some video lesson, without ever recording what you are doing, and asking an expert like myself for feedback. You need to find out, continually, how you are doing. In the olden days when I was young (insert chuckle), we jammed with friends. You can also do that of course, or go to an open mic night and ask to sit in and learn. Now, you don’t need to do that, because I’m here to give you personal advice about your playing. It’s up to YOU if you want ME to help you improve. So what are you waiting for?