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Texas Blues & Lick Of The Week

I’ve set up a new course category called Texas Blues. There are two courses in there at the moment. I’ll be adding more SRV style lesson into that category going forward. I think many are interested in SRV style lessons, and I’ll also consider adding some Freddie King and perhaps some Bluesrock such as ZZ Top.

I’ve also set up a new course page for a growing number of Lick Of The Week videos. These are lesson I’ve created over the years, and many of them have TAB built into the video. Some are short, some are long – all of them are cool I hope! Some of the styles are jazz, blues, Gary Moore, Robben Ford, Hendrix, Larry Carlton, etc. Definitely worth a look. Sometimes, these lessons are perfect when you only have half an hour to learn something cool. A quick lick can be a quick fix.

As always, let me know if you have any feedback by posting in the forum.

Next course will be about useful Music Theory!