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Upcoming MGA Member Jam #2

Hey Guitarslinger,

I’m excited to let you know that the new track for the new MGA Jammers project is ready! We’re going to try and keep these jam projects going as long as we can.

To recap: this is an opportunity to be part of something greater – a community jam session where we end up with a track and video that you can share with friends.

From a learning & improving perspective, this is a fantastic opportunity. You get to try your ideas to a real track and you can use any of my lessons to help you along the way. I will HELP you along the way.

You also get inspiration and support from your fellow members, including me of course!

This Thursday at 4 pm, I will do a Live Stream for you. I will explain more about the jamming opportunity, and I will also teach you a few licks you can use for this project!

Here is a timezone converter for you if you are not on Mountain Time. I will send you a reminder on Thursday morning too.

So, how do you improvise over slow blues so that it sounds good? That is what I will teach you in this Live Stream. I’ll also go over the tune.

Got questions? Send them away and I’ll answer them on Thursday!

I hope to see you on Thursday. To join the Live Stream, log in to MGA about 10 minutes before and click the link on the member page. I will also post the link the forum.

All the details for how to join the jam is available here. We are all here for you, if you have any questions at all.

Our esteemed member Craig is handling the details and will produce the final track for the group.

You know, jamming this way is one of the best ways of getting better. You get inspiration, you force yourself to record, you learn by doing, you get extra motivation and encouragement, etc – really great for your development as a musician. It’s almost like being in a real band!

It’s also great fun to do this with a great group of friends as we have on MGA. I hope you join us.

If you have any questions about the jamming details, post it in the forum or email and Craig will help you out.