Last Chance - 52 lesson download

Welcome to MGA 2.0

Well, well, we have arrived at MGA 2.0 now, and I really hope you’ll like it. I think you will!

I am going post messages such as this one, when I have something new and important for you. This includes new and upcoming lessons.

Anytime you want to interact (discussions, questions, suggestions, etc), the place to do that is of course the new forums! It’s a brand new discussion board platform, and I believe it’s going to be really helpful for all of us.

I am sure you are wondering what will happen next. The answer is that I will be tweaking & fixing things in the next few days. Specifically, and in this order:

  1. Fixing all webpages, setting up some new ones.
  2. Adding more old lessons to the new lesson area. I have many more lessons to add in yet – it’s quite time consuming.
  3. A Giveaway – I have worked with some gear companies and I have some great things to give away to new and existing members.
  4. Eric Clapton style solo lesson.

So pull up a chair, make some new buddies in the forums, and have fun!