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YL44 – Learn a blues lick in all 12 keys

This lesson has 4 elements I want to highlight, because they are all important and useful.

  1. I’m gonna teach you a really sweet blues lick that ties IN nicely with the specific chord we’re playing over. I’ll make it really clear how the lick is centered around the chord.
  2. It’s also a longer lick, about 3 measures long, and we’re using all 6 strings. This really helps us learn the fretboard better.
  3. We follow it up with a catchy little chord fill, which completes the whole idea, and makes it 4 measures in length.
  4. We play it to a backing track in all 12 keys, which is such an effective way of learning different keys on the fretboard.

Are you ready? Here we go!

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