Play a blues without accompaniment

This course is for the guitarist who wants to be able to play a fun blues tune without needing a band. It’s the kind of song that you can play anywhere you like – on the porch or at the open mic night. Although you don’t need a jam track, I have included one, because you may find that helpful as you learn this piece.


What’s included?

  • 4 videos (Introduction, performance with and without jam track, and the complete breakdown)
  • TAB and Guitar Pro files
  • Backing track

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E Porch Blues
E Porch Blues
Video, Guitar Pro, Tablature and jam track. Length: 25 minutes. Size of download: 640 MB
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E Porch Blues
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 7 reviews
 by Ernie
E Porch Blues

Another great lesson from Robert. Sometimes the less "technical" and "flashy" lessons are the most fun (although there is plenty to challenge here). Begs to sing bluesy lyrics and turn it into a total display of the genre. "Sitting on my porch swing...."

 by David Betz
E Porch Blues

Best lesson I have ever purchased. Absolutely my most enjoyable piece of music to play. Excellent job of arranging and easy to expand the piece using added riffs in the key of E. Constantly watching the site for more lessons like this one. A must buy for the intermediate guitarist that likes the blues. Great job Robert

 by Darren
E Porch Blues

If you're having a little trouble getting used to the new rhythm idea / technique in E Porch Blues, you can borrow rhythm ideas from Robert's other course - Rhythm and Licks Three (I don't think he would mind), and use. This lesson is a little more advanced than the usual 12 / 24 Bar Blues progression, and also uses a Secondary Dominant chord resolving to the V / Five chord, to get a bluesy jazz tension out of the V / Five chord. And he has some different lick ideas thrown in as well.

 by Glo

Very soothing ....Wow!

 by courant

Genial, Robert !! .Ce petit blues est trés sympa.

merci beaucoup et Bonne Année.

Je trouve d'ailleurs que Genial Robert , vous va trés bien 🙂


jean claude

 by Chris
Sweet and fun song!

Robert Renman has came out with yet another sweet and fun blues tune. On this, you learn to play the lead and rhythm together, without a band or anyone else. It's a challenging and enjoyable piece to learn and play. A nice one to have in your repertoire!

 by Ron Caudill
Great Little Blues Tune

Thanks a lot for this Great Little Blues tune, Love it. Do more like this.

Thanks again.

Good Job