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4 Big Rock Guitar Licks

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Prince Funk

Prince has been a huge influence throughout my life. It’s so sad he’s gone. Here is an example of one of the things he taught me.

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St. James Infirmary Blues

Tab, backing track and in-depth analysis of the melody available to all members.

I went down to St. James Infirmary,
Saw my baby there,
Stretched out on a long white table,
So cold, so sweet, so bare.
Let her go, let her go, God bless her,
Wherever she may be,
She can look this wide world over,
But she'll never find a sweet man like me.

Melody with Louis Armstrong Phrasing

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Average rating:  
 28 reviews
by Peter on

Hi Robert,

that's a nice lick to have in one’s repertoire! Actually it doesn’t sound especially Hendrixish to me, but it certainly nails Billy Gibbons’s trademark lick in the intro of "Gimme All Your Lovin‘"...

by Ravi on
E Minor Blues

Hey Robert,
Could you pls tell me when the Em Blues lesson is available.

by Ken on

Excellent lesson in funk rhythm Robert - thanksYou did not mention that this Prince-style technique requires a purple shirt 🙂

by Ray Garrison on
Mystery Scale

I am actually rating you on your constant and determined desire to simplify what you can to help your students. You are the best! Being left handed you don't know how thrilled I was to see your new flip option for lefties. Thanks!

by Jere on
3 licks

Hi Robert; in the 3rd example1st measure I am counting an extra 8th beat at the end, am I wrong?

Yes I believe you are counting wrong.

by Gary on

Sound Slice is the best instructional I have ever seen!Thank You Robert for your expertise !

by John Stanley on

Another great lesson. Thanks for all you do...really appreciated. Happy new guitar day. WOW!!! A beauty. Been droolin' over a D'Angelico myself. Can't wait for your review on your new axe.

by Soren Denmark on
Major 7 chords

Great lesson - as always. Easy learning.

by Riche on
Extended Triads-Harmonizing Major Scale

Robert, all of your triad lessons are excellent and very useful. This particular lesson is fantastic! Your demonstration of the triad shapes for each note of the C Major scale on different strings across the fretboard has definitely helped both my playing and my understanding of the guitar. The chord shapes are very cool and relatively easy to find and move around the fretboard. I am also following your suggestion of improvising little licks and melodies from the scale while playing the triads. I love this lesson and am now transposing these shapes to other major keys. Thank you again!

by sebastian on

Very special,,,!

by Coop on
Extended Triads

Very nicely done. Increased my understanding of triads and chord voicings 100%.

by Gary on

Great Method !

by Joey Jones on
Great Blues you can use DVDS set.

Hi Robert
You are by far the best Teacher out there. Your playing is incredible. I was wondering if you have any lessons on Frank Marino's style. Also I can't find where to pick up some tabs on your site to go with the lessons. Thanks for everything.

by jeffrey m on
triplet lick

Robert, i get so much from your lessons. thank you very much and God Bless You Brother. I will be purchasing some lessons very soon!

Thanks Jeff!

by Dennis on
B7 Blues Tip

Thank you, thank you, thank you. What an outstanding lesson. I wish I had this one and the Blues Booster lessons years ago!!!

by Elusiverick on
7 STARS Awsomely Amazingly Generous.

Wishing I had 7 STARS for this marathon, it is exactly THIS broader, deeper knowledge that sets you apart & you keep on giving.
Sincerely hope your recovery is speedy, look after yourself, we need you !
Thanks once again Robert, warm regards from Melbourne, Australia.

by Alan Lord on
B7 Blues

Another excellent lesson and demonstration of how the blues should be played, from the best blues teacher (in my opinion) around!

by Jere Rosenberg on

Robert, I forgot my password.

by Mike Iris on
Funkey Blues in A

Great lesson Bob! Very useful and easy to follow. Could I get the Bass Tab for the lesson please?

Thanks so much.

Mike I

by Stephen on
Choice material!

Lovin' It! -- Nice job on a blues classic. If I didnt have a tin ear, I think I could pick it up on the tones alone...alas...any advice on training the ear? Thanks!

Ear training - make it part of your practice time to sing along to melodies, licks, solos, etc. The more you do this, the better your ear will become.

by Tony T on
Now I understand

Now I understand why you do not post tab all the time, I picked this lesson up by ear. And its awesome! your so cool man.

by Sonny Marcyan on
Slow 60 Blues

I love all your lessons and this slow 60 blues is a great package from rhythm to solos that helps me to put it all together in better understanding the blues. I prefer purchasing the package as I have little time to learn as I work so much so joining the membership is not so useful for me as much as the downloads are.

Thank You for all your dedicated work and lessons,

P.S. Would like to learn that turnaround in the SRV style triplet chord tone lick.

by Eddie Bray on

Hey Robert, Nice lick! Reminds me of a lick Scott Henderson uses; that is, starting off by stacking 5ths. Can't wait to sit down and get it under my fingers.

by jay on

excellent way of teaching , cool lick ,thanks Robert

by John on
a minor lick-golden nugget

Excellent lesson Robert, and I agree, it definitely has a Gary Moore sound to it.
Please do more of this kind of thing.
Thank You

by Alan Griffiths on
Traveling Country lick in 'D'

Wow, this is great Robert - you are very talented. Say - do I need to know my scales to play this successfully?
Alan G.

No, but it never hurts to know your scales! In fact, this lick can HELP you learn your scales. I certainly hope so.

by Jody on
Lick of the Week 12/13/2013

Cool lick! Smooth sound…

Happy Birthday Robert!



Thank you Jody!

by Mik Iris on
Country Bends Lick in D


Thank you so much for the lick.It is just what I'm looking for! Keep those great lessons comming!

Thanks so much

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