Scale or Modes for Ama7 to Dmi9  



I have a question after working through some of the mode lessons.  I was trying to put new found modal knowledge to use and got stuck when I pulled out a Jam backing track that, besides the turnaround, was just Ama7 to a Dmi9 over and over (I major to IV minor).  My question is, what do some of you play to get around dealing with the C# and F# notes of the A major scale (which sound harmonically correct for the Ama7 chord but not the Dmi9 (for which the C and F sound more  harmonically correct.  There must be an easy way to think about this and I'm stumped.

I'd appreciate any suggestions and thank you in advance, 


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Hey Jim, first of all, I don't see any Amaj7 to Dm7 in the PDF you supplied. 

Anyway, if that's what you want to do, you need use a different scale for Dm7. I would suggest D Dorian.

When playing over progression that go between different keys, you do have to go between scales/modes that don't all belong to one key. Just a matter of practice. Make sure you know exactly where this modulation happens, and switch scale/mode accordingly.

This would a good video lesson for me to do, to introduce the concept... 🙂 

Hope that helps.

I'm here to help.

Thank you Robert! Sorry, I attached the wrong file to my email, I’ll be more careful next time. As to your response, thanks again. Now I need to learn how to smoothly transition modes. A lesson would be fantastic and would help generate some ideas for me.  The actual changes were Ama7 to Dmi9. 

Best, Jim